What color do you knit with the most?

What color yarns do you find yourself being pulled to the most?

i mostly buy pinks and purples…im not even a fan of pinks and purples… im more of a green girl

blues… I look the best in blue and so does my daughter so I guess that is why.

In my short time, I have knitted in several different colors…it depends on the person for whom I am knitting.

But, I find myself gravitating toward rich, saturated colors of whatever tone. For myself, I am going to shy away from pastels…I want people to NOTICE my knitting!

I have been dreaming of a deep periwinkle for my first sweater…or maybe a deep emerald green…or a rich burnt orange…or maybe burgundy…or maybe…

oo KK brown sheep has a periwinkle color in lamb’s pride that i LOVE. here is a link to a color list, but thecolors look kind of dark on my monitor :?? This one is better but you really have to see it IRL

I tend to stick to the pink-purple-blue part of the color wheel, but I try to throw in come accent colors too; I just boought yarn for a felted bag in varying blue colors, but I’m going to add an orange in there too.

I like the supreme and the amythest, too!!! YUM YUM! And, I bet with that smidge of mohair (poor mo’s!) Its soft soft soft!

I love the effect I get when I dye my yarn in Kool aid. sometime I use a yarn that is only part wol so I get this verigated/heathery thing going. Then sometimes the color fades in and out and if I switch colors right then, they blend together. I’m really diggin colors of the sunset right now on top of a layer of purplish grey.

i look best in light blues too… my sister as well

periwinkles are pretty…

i always seem to buy a pink or purple color… i DREAM of NEON green projects … i love all greens but i dream of the neon BLINDING greens…lol

Nicoley, your kitty looks like he’s grooving with that hat on. Is that a smile on his face?

I like deep roses, dark greens, browns, and reds for myself. The girls like brighter stuff. When school’s out, I’m going to design a sundress for my little one. The LYS has some of the most beautiful candy colored stuff. But mostly I buy yarn by feel, the only exception to that is the Manos del Uruguay, which is a bit stiff at the moment. I hope it softens a little after I clean it. Plus it smells bad. If that doesn’t go away, this was a hugely expensive mistake.

i think its more a look of terror and regret for comeing so close to me when i finished her har lol she didnt like the hat lol

ive seen a few rose colors that i was tempted to buy they are very pretty!

if your yarn is still hard and smelly you can always ebay it and try and get some of your money back… how does it smell?

Sorry OT…

OMGGGG I love Michael Bublè too!! He’s like Sinatra with more pop and without the fogeyness! uh, and he’s hot, duh. Feelin Good is my new favorite song, but I like the old classics too.

Uhm… yarn, needles, knitting, yadda yadda…

Actually, I got some stinky yarn from someone on ebay, and I sprayed it with Fabreeze and it worked great; but that might not work on all yarns (and might be bad, who knows?)

i have all his albums and i have the movie he did “totally blonde” and the sound track to that and i went to a club concert he did a couple years ago for my birthday :heart: :heart: :heart: his voice melts me… and he is :drool: :drool: :drool: yummy… i cant think of a fav song it goes with my mood… i CANT STAND the crappy ass song he did with Nelly fatado or how ever you spell her name lol…

ive never had smelly yarn… but i do have crappy needles… crystilites or soemthing like that… im tradeing my aunt my circular needles i hate them… they have bite marks on them from me trying to slide stuff down …i hope she trades lol

Sheesh, I’ve knitted lots of colors and surprisingly only 2 things in my fav–Purple. All of my stuff so far has been for other people or to match a room so I get yarn based on that…Ok, mental note…gotta get purple sock yarn for ME :XX: :cheering: :thumbsup:

i have noticed in the past that Purple People are totally nuts… they are OBSESSSED alot… my brother’s wench her whole apartment is purple… everything is painted purple… rugs are all puple… dishes… towels… bed… she drove 5 hours to find a purple angle to put on her christmas tree… to match the purple lights, purple EvERYTHING!

It’s too beautiful a yarn to pass up, even with the smell. I only had two skeins and I’m almost finished. I’m sure it’s the mordant with the dye. From working with it, it nearly felts itself by the end of the skein, so maybe they don’t want to clean it too agressively before it goes to market. I was going to ask if people had any luck with Febreze, I don’t think it would hurt it. Maybe I’ll test a swatch with Febreze over a white piece of fabric and see if it hurts the color or the fiber. Hmm, kitchen chemistry again. DH and DD will be so excited.

I’ve heard Michael Buble sing, he has a lovely voice. It’s Josh Groban that grates on my nerves, he does “lazy man’s opera.”

hangs head in shame becuase she owns a Josh Groban CD… in my defence i own it becuase the way he sings "Vincent " (starry starry night) makes me cry…

if fabreeze doesnt work you could always pin some no cling strips to it and hang it where it can air out

No apologies! Like what YOU like. I freely admit to owning a George Michael CD. My Josh feelings are pure snobbery on my part, for specific, difficult to explain reasons. I’d probably like him if he stuck to things like “Vincent,” that is a nice rendition.

Thanks for the tip!

i dont like the songs where he switches languages… i KNOW he doesnt speak thoes languages and i cant respect him singing it but i love Vincent and another one i cant think of the name…i love me some michael buble though :heart:

I’ll have to check your boy out a little more. I just bought a “new” Dean Martin album, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy MB.

dont get the newest album if your new to him… its his worst so far i think… get his self titled one… its the bestest (bestest is a word now)

"i have noticed in the past that Purple People are totally nuts… they are OBSESSSED alot… "

Ok I admit it, I have a purple pool table (thanks to my dear BF), purple chili pepper lights on my fireplace, purple kitchen chairs (they’re even metallic)!!!

:XX: :XX: [/quote]