What can I use for special fringe on prayer shawl


I am knitting my sister a Prayer Shawl. We have scriptures and prayers that we pray for ourselves and others. I am going to attach a fringe on the ends with materia but then started thinking.

what I want to do is write down each scripture and some how affix or attach to the fringes but not on the outside just so she knows it.

LOL…I have just talked circles around myself. Anyway I hope you know what I mean. I was thinking of hollow buttons and write on small paper then inserting them in the button some how???

Oh what about ribbon yarn??? Can I write on that type of yarn? Can I then add it to the shawl as an edge trim at each end???ny ideas??

Here’s another idea:

Maybe you could write your prayers on strips of paper and then weave them through the stitches at the ends of the shawl, instead of making them the fringe. Whenever I’ve tried to write on fabric the ink spreads out and makes the writing all yucky.

So, finish your shawl, attach the fringe like normal and then write your prayers out on strips of paper. Weave them into the ends of your shawl (or anywhere). Then she’ll be able to remove them if the shawl ever needs to be washed!


If you decide to add the scripture to ribbons, I would look for fabric pens and then test them out on the ribbon to make sure the pen writes okay and to ensure that the ink doesn’t spread as knitcindy said.

You could attach the ribbons to the shawl via buttons, but you would need to sew buttonholes in each ribbon using a sewing machine because most ribbons will unravel–which brings up another point: you’ll need to secure the ribbon ends as well so they don’t unravel.

I wonder, though, if buttons inside a shawl might be uncomfortable??? Something to consider. You could use safety pins rather than buttons, and then the “scripture ribbons” could be removed before washing.

Interesting idea. I hope you’re able to hit on a solution that works for you.

thank you to both of you so much. You have given good ideas that I will test out well before I put them in the shawl. I do love this idea. My sister and I share prayers for each other that no one else knows because we are so close. Then we pray those prayers for each other. I would love to do this for her. She is so giving and loving and never expects anything in return. I would love to touch the prayers my sister made for me. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

I will let you both know how it turns out and what I used. You have given me such great ideas.

I found a recipe on making parchment scroll looking paper. I will make that today then try writing on it and threading it. We shall see.

Again, thanks to both you and Knitcindy!!!

A couple of thoughts…
Just the other day I found some printable inkjet fabric sheets. If you can find them, you could use your computer and printer to print your Scripture and prayers. I haven’t tried these yet, but they’re supposed to be colorfast after they’re heat-set.

Another thought: if you have any Tyvek envelopes (like those soft UPS mailing envelopes) you can write on those with Sharpie and they don’t tear or fray the way regular paper does. You can also get Tyvek printer sheets.

Next idea: write very small, then stuff slips of paper into the larger size of aquarium tubing or clear drinking straws. The tubing would be more durable and softer.

Best I can think of: write on paper and use iron-on laminate (or cold laminate, depending on which you can find.)

Oh, wait, this might work: you can also get plastic shrink art printer sheets. You could print out the words you want, punch the strips, then process them (usually in a toaster oven or a regular oven on very low heat, directions are always on the package) and the lettering would be set in the plastic. It would be hard, about the thickness of a credit card, so it might or might not be good for what you want, but I haven’t had shrink art smear or fade yet and I’ve done a good bit.

WOW…looks like somebody has really been thinking about this!!! And I am thrilled. I do have those padded envelopes. I was thinking of weaving or even stitching some of those on the ribbon yarn. I could weave that on the inside like the inside of a flap even. But pretty it up of course!!! lol. I am so excited about this now. Thank you so very much for all of your thoughts. And the Sharpie yes…I have a few. I could also just write down the scripture references to her prayers, that way she will know what is referenced where in her shawl. I could type a key for her…ooohh ooohhh…with the scripture and the prayer written out on index cards…and state which color is what because I was going to do a different color ribbon for each scritpture. She is just going to be beside herself. Just knowing that her prayers were prayed over her shawl every time I knitted The prayers prayed for her with scriptures I have said everyday while knitting it, and even some of my own. I am sure it will mean a lot to her, she doesnt even know I can knit!!!


BECKY…the straws are brilliant I was looking for hollowed out buttons to put them in on the insdie or the top of the fringe, but can’t find any. Also, the printable fabric paper. I heard of that too. I will keep trying…again so excited and sooooo happy you are here!!

Hello all

I know what I’m going to do. I will post a picture when I have the sample made!