What can i make with this?

I need some help. A lady sent me some yarn and i have no clue what to make with it. i have about 6oz give or take. Here is the picture. Any Idea’s??? I thought a Shawl bit i don’t know… i do not wear any thing like scarves shawl, i thought i would make it for me, but i now think i am going to make it to sale it.


me happy! Send it over here!

Well, I would make a shrug or a scarf or even a hat.

well so would i if she made me happy and sent it to meeeee!..lol. i love those colors…very pretty and i would bet that it would be super soft…maybe even a shawl if there is enough for that.

yeah i need more yarn like i need a hole in the head! :XX:

What about a SHRUG?

a purse maybe :thinking:

Thanks i am going to make a shawl i found the pattern in my knitting calender my friend gave me. I have to make dich towels and mittens and scarves and i will make the shawl. I have a booth in September at the hospital to sale stuff at a craft show. Thank You.

              Vanessa :cheering:

so i guess that means i don’t get it huh? sigh woe is me :shifty:

If i had the money to mail out the yarn i would. I have no job right now, and extremely tight on money and i get yarn donated to me lol. I would love to give it to you…but i think i am going to make a shawl to make a profit off of it :lol: I like you…your funny :roflhard:


lol tinkercat, I can relate!! I have no job and also really tight on money.

I also get yarn donated to me from my Aunt :happydance:

My mom and sister keep saying they’re going to send me some yarn to make them some stuff.

:XX: :XX:

I do what I can with what I have. I am getting sick of looking for a job lol. I really think my last job is the reason i have no job. I was there 5 years …i kissed Butt for 5 years and worked 8-16 hour shirts with no breaks AT ALL and i delt with people who were extremly mean to me for 5 years. I just wish someone whould hire me… i would work open to close without batting my eyes! I am use to long work days. Oh well I am going to go try to make the heel of my sock lol. Wish me luck lol hee hee . :roflhard:

:XX: :thumbsup: