What can I make with Rug Yarn?

Besides rugs…? A coworker of mine gave me several bags of rug yarn (never can turn down free yarn). However- I haven’t got a clue what I can make with it!
I’ve been googling but not coming up with much yet. Does anyone have any links to free patterns or suggestions of what to make?


I work all the time with rug yarn have you seen my brand new latch hook disney cuddling bears they are on my web site. linnypindesigns.co.uk
It might give you a few ideas

I was given a bunch of rug yarn too. I was thinking of making a knitting bag or something of that sort with it. I tend to take my knitting with me where ever we go and thought it would be something to use it on. I don’t think I need another rug.

Since it’s a tough yarn maybe something like a market bag would be good.


Or a rug! :slight_smile:


ETA: Ooops I didn’t even notice where you said “besides rugs…”

Look under “Charity” (here at KH) and check out Rescue Nests…the post is around the 3rd or 4th page…

I totally love making slippers out of rug yarn. Lasts much longer!

You could also use a sock pattern that is designed for fairly large needles.

But slippers-slippers-slippers! Hands down.