What can i make with 100g/246yd of dk merino wool?


that’s precisely what i have. my first skein of “real” yarn! (in otherwords, not acrylic)

would i be able to knit a nice, comfortable hat? (as in not skin tight. L O O S E) i measured my head the other day to be around 23.25 inches. (i think that’s pretty big… haha) i’m still a relatively newbie knitter, so i’m thinking ribbing, then a bajillion rows of stockinette, and then decreases.

or perhaps a pair of nice, plain, ribbed cuff, stockinette mittens? i have short, but wide hands. (7.5" circumference around knuckles and about 6.5" from my wrist to the tip of my middle finger)

i’m already making a scarf (vogue lace leaf but with worsted weight), & don’t plan on making another.

so. you think i can pull it off? i think i can do the hat, not so sure about the mittens.

I think you can, yes. It might be a bit close, maybe, but the worst case scenario is the hat might be a little shorter than you like.

I say go for it!! :cheering:

I’d definitely say try for the hat. I just made a hat from 100grams bulky (Lopi), and I know thinner yarns go farther, so 100 grams of dk should be enough. Also made a hat crocheted with one ball of Paton’s Classic Merino, and crochet takes more than knitting. So yeah, go for it.

That yarn is just begging to be kool aid dyed!

P.S. There’s handy dandy color chart here.

okay, i’m definitely going for the hat.

i’m not into the whole look of dyed, variegated yarn. :shrug: the undyed color is actually my perfect shade of off-white. if anything, i’ll dye it one solid color.