What can I do with this:

Hi everyone,

I have this wooly jumper which I received from my mother for my 21st from Camden market in London. I fell in love with it and she bought it for me.

Anyway, I made good use of it while I lived in England and now that I live in Israel by the Mediterranean I have no need for it whatsoever.

What can I do with it? It’s terribly rough and itchy; sand paper type of wool. So, may be I can undo it and use the pretty colour yarn for a booga bag or some other felted project.

Is it a good idea to undo it? Or may be I should just give it to charity.


You could felt the whole sweater ( it is BEAUTIFUL) … just the way it is … then cut the pieces and sew into a beautiful bag/purse… and even use left over pieces that are big enough for flowers or a small clutch purse. Once you have felted knitting, it becomes “fabric” and you can cut it just like cloth. Your new pieces will remind you of the fun memory of your mom buying it for you, and the pretty pattern will still be there.

I think you will get short strands of the contrasting colors if you just take it apart to knit with the yarn.

I agree with Debbie. You’ll have many short lengths of each color if you take it apart, but felting the whole thing and making a bag will let you keep the sweater in a usable way.

Me three! That would make a fantastic bag after felting! I wouldn’t take it apart.

Excellent guys! Thank you!

I would like to keep the pretty pattern and a bag would be great.

Thank goodness that there is a simple and easy solution.


Your av pic of you and the baby is gorgeous! :slight_smile:

What a great idea! Let us see it when you’re done!