What can I do with this Chenille Thick 'n Quick stuff?

I bought 2 skeins of Chenille Thick 'n Quick from Hobby Lobby for a project, and then decided I didn’t want to do that project after all.

What can I do with this stuff? I’d love any suggestions… I could make something for myself, my 2 year old, my DH, a relative, anyone… so you’d think I wouldn’t have any trouble finding a project, but I am!

Scarf or hat!


Down at the bottom of the page shows the possible projects with T&Q, but with 2 skeins (unless you buy more!) you’re probably a bit limited as to size, maybe just a “lapghan”?

I’m making the Chain Fringe scarf on the lion brand site and I’m almost done with my second skien with just 2 inches to go. So without the fringe you could make that one.

And it is WARM!!!

I made a pillow…love the way it feels. Took a bit less than two skeins.


Ooooohh… what pattern did you use for the pillow?


You can check these out. :wink:

:?? I couldn’t find one that used the extra thick stuff.

You could just cast on for as wide as you want the pillow to be and knit a square for the front, or when it gets as long as it is wide, purl a row for a turn and knit an equal length for the other side if you want both sides to be the same.

I found the pattern and oops, you need a bit more than two skeins but you could always make a smaller pillow or buy another skein. Here goes:

Finished size: 16 x 16


Lion Brand Chenille Thick-n-Quick - 3 skeins

Size 10 Knitting needles

16" pillow form - Gauge: 8 sts and 12 rows=4" in k2, p2 pattern

Pillow Top (Make 2)

Cast on 32 stitches.

Row 1 - k2, p2 8 times.
Row 2 - repeat row 1.
Row 3 - p2, k2 8 times.
Row 4 - repeat row 3.
Repeat Rows 1 through 4 until piece measures 16". BO loosely.

Sew together pieces leaving one edge open. Insert pillow form. Complete sewing of last open edge.

This is a very quick and simple pattern. Good luck