What can I do with patches?

Hello, I’m going to start knitting again after a break of many years, so I feel like a beginner (I was never an expert).
More years ago than I care to tell you I had the idea of using up some old wool and I simply made patches out of it. The trouble is they are VERY SMALL! I mean about 7cm by 15cm (3" by 5"). I think I had the vague idea I would make some kind of shawl. I think there are about 20 which are sort of browny green and 20 browny blue, in smooth mohair. I don’t want to make bags! Can I make some kind of shawl or scarf knitting them into it, or maybe attach them later? What do you think? I hate to waste things.

ummm, what about an afgan? just a simple granny square one? i love the look personally.

Me, too!

But they’re too small I think. And then what am I going to do with an afgan? I think someone should invent a shawl to wear at the computer, we don’t have any heating in the winter here.

i have seen and afghan with like 1"x1" sqaures that looked beautiful.

you could do a shawl, just sew them together and make the rows smaller and smaller until they are a triangle shpae, then hey presto so to speak lol.
we dont have propper modern heating in the wintere here either, we have a wood burner in 1 room to heat the entire house, so i am planning to make loads of thigs like that as well for the winter as most of mine have been eaten by the flipping moths.

its good old chunky yarn by the bucket load this year lol

You could make half an afghan that would be like a shawl/wrap. Make it about 16-20" by however long that makes.

I you made it 15 " wide and how ever log it would work for a shawl. Just think of it like a REALLY long rectangle.

Could you knit a scarf or a shawl, and use one of those needle thingys… (That you use for felting) And use the small pieces of wool you have to make a design or a picture on the scarf or shawl, I hope I am explaining what I mean well enough. (I was thinking something simple like a few polka dots or even a puppy??) …Just an idea Please pardon if I’m not understanding…I have never felted before, I’ve only seen it on ?DIY :o)

Thank you everyone. I forgot to say that I can’t just join the patches 'cos they’re either all bluey or all greeny. I have twin daughters so I was thinking of making a bluey shawl and a greeny shawl. Also, by themselves they are not enough to make a shawl.
OK, I think I’ll just start. I think I’ll do a plain small shawl and just attach them later (or maybe I won’t, maybe I’ll bin them!).
Do you think it’s easier to do two triangles and then join them together, so there are not so many stitches at the wide end? I’m thinking of attacking it like that. In that case I should increase at either end only every other row, no?

this site has some ideas for making things from 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch ‘squares’ (slippers, and other stuff)

You all are making me very grateful for American heating and air conditioning!

I’m making a mess of this and it’s boring.
I decided to knit and shawl and then stick some patches on it. So a plain garter stitch on 4and a half needles. I’ve done about 8 inches. I see that it would be too heavy if I put patches on it after and so I’ll just have to continue and make a plain green shawl.
I’m bored! Ever more stitches and just the excitement of y/0 at the beginning of every row.
What would happen if I changed to 5s to make it looser? What would happen if I start to have the garter just at the edges and make the inside triangle stocking stitch? I’m a very undisciplined knitter and I’ll probably do something irreversibly bad, but I can’t go on like this.

Try out your ideas, I’m sure they’ll work. If you don’t like the results then you can always come up with another idea or two.