What are your favorite Needles and Why

As a newbie. I bought a bulk set of various styles of needles on Ebay. It consists of mostly metal. I like how easily the yarn glides on and off of the metal needles but as a newbie I find it frustrating with the DpN. I have one set of circulars in a plastic material but they stitches don’t flow as well, but I do like knitting without the needles catching on my sleeves, chair arms and anything else to the side of me. I haven’t tried wood or bamboo and I don’t know what brands they are except the DpN are Aero. What Needles are your favorite, and Why? Should I buy a sampler set? Help a Newbie out.

I like the interchangeable sets from Knit Picks http://www.knitpicks.com/needles/Knitting_Needle_Sets__L300301.html and WEBS http://www.yarn.com/webs-knitting-needles-knitters-pride-interchangeable-circular/. Both offer sampler sets that include tips of the various materials. Right now I’m trying to convince myself I can afford to order a set of the wood interchangeables. I like the way the wood feels but mainly the points seem sharper on them than on the metal ones; otherwise I like them both. I don’t like acrylic.

Best thing is type in interchangeable needles in the KH search box. There are already a ton of threads.

You’ll find some interchangeables have a much better cable than others. The sample set is a good idea.

Knitpicks - i have a couple sets of nickel plated Options that I love. Have also used the wood Harmony and those are nice, too. Affordable.

Addi Turbo- I have several pairs of these and like them a lot. Expensive.

Denise- nice set, but I personally don’t care for plastic and don’t like the cable. Lots of people love them though. Affordable.

Hiya Hiya - haven’t used them, but have friends who live them. Don’t know the price point.

This is so much a matter or personal opinion although as Jan recommends, there’s lots of good advice in previous posts. I like the nickel-plated needles myself but not in dpns. A grabbier needle, e.g. bamboo, works better for me in that case. Try as many different kinds as you can till you learn which you prefer and for which yarn type.

I like the nickle plated and harmony-wood circular ones from knit picks.

The ones I’m using at the time …

I like using the bamboo ones. They seem to grip the yarn better for me. Metal ones also lose their pretty coating and slip around too much!

well, to me it’s a combination of personal preference and project.

most of the time i go for circular needles with metal tips.
‘prym’ metal circulars - good tips and the transition to the cable is even. soft cables too.
‘pony’ - no! no! no!.. cheap but nasty.
‘addi click’ - my favourite! all addis are nice and I had some before I got the basic set the other day. the click system is very reliable and one can connect and disconnect tips and needles in 2sec… no fiddle, no screwing in/out… just click it. not cheap, but a real joy.

there are also benefits to bamboo needles. such like that it makes less ‘clickediclick’ noise while knitting. good if one likes to knit and watch movies at the same time. also while working with very soft yarn it can be helpful if the needles have more grip, so avoid needles sliding out to easily… especially when making socks etc where one needle is unsupported while knitting.

over all - i vote for addi. - they also do a starter kit (metal tips only) so one could try and than add bamboo or lace tips to test.

I recommend KnitPicks “Harmony” interchangeable circular needles to a new knitter.

They are slick and quick, but not overly so. Affordable piece by piece…or as a set.

Being an admitted needle hound, I’ve purchased bulk circular knitting needles, mixed batches various brands, some no brand at all, for dirt cheap from Ebay, and come upon some sets that remain personal favs.

I like my Addi Clicks but I don’t like the join. I am knitting a smoke ring for my daughter-in-law using the addi clicks and the lace weight yarn keeps catching on the join. I have to fiddle with the yarn to get it up and over the lip of the needle join area especially on the pattern row. If it has yarnovers in it they catch on that lip of metall.

I love the Addi Clicks, too. The join is a horrendous problem on US6 and smaller. Sizes US7 and up perform wonderfully.

I use Addi set circs for all smaller sizes US6 and under. Or, good ole Knit Picks OPTIONS.

I just ordered some Hiya Hiya size 0 so now I’ll have my 3 pair of socks on Knit Picks Options, Addi fixed circs and Hiya Hiya. All size 0 so I’ll let you know.

I have Addis, Hiyas, and sets from Ebay, but my all-time favorites in straights, DPNs, and circulars are Aero/Inox/Prym. I first used them when they were sold as Bernat Aero over 50+ years ago. They’re affordable, work well for me, and are made in the USA.


Judy, where do you get them? ~~GG

ETA: Duh. I could have specified which ones, I’m thinking specifically of the Hiyas and Aero/Inox/Prym needles.

I get the Aero/Inox/Prym from Handknitting.com With my last order I got a handwritten note from Laurel explaining that the Prym’s were the same as Aero/Inox (I had ordered Inox needles).

I get the Hiya’s from Fabric.com, one of my favorite sites for yarn at good prices.

I try to buy USA made products as much as I can.


I’m looking at fabric.com now. Free shipping @$35. I think I’ll order from them and include a fixed circ hiya and who knows what else. Thanks!

Thanks to Judy, I ended up ordering a Hiya Hiya set of U.S. size 2 tips and a cable for them. If I like it on the smallest they had, then the larger sizes should be great. They got me with their free shipping on orders of $35 and a 10% off on $40. I ended up spending just about $40 including tax. Expensive needles!!! The yarn and a few other things that should be in the same pkg. will help with the sticker shock. :roflhard:

ETA: It turns out the Hiya tips I ordered are out of stock as is one of the sock yarns. They already shipped the order and I will have a cable for Hiya tips but no tips to go on it. Hmmmm… If they’d let me know I would have changed the order to get a different size of the tips. Anyhow, they still gave me free shipping and the 10% off even though my order is now under $23 including tax. I will undoubtedly order from them again, knowing I’m taking a chance on things not being available [I]because[/I] they still gave me free shipping and the coupon discount. They really know how to make this fool part with her money!

I ordered my Hiya Hiya from a different place, but I figured the $8 I spent on each circ wasn’t that much more than KP and I wanted to try them. They were half as much as Addi’s. I got 0’s.

Jan, are yours fixed circs? Where did you get yours? The smallest at that site for Hiyas of either sort is 2, I’m getting the interchangeable ones.

I got a couple fixed circs at Eat.Sleep.Knit because I needed them so small. I’m happy with my KP interchangeables including the zeros, but my friend loves her Hiya Hiya and I needed a few more so got them to try. I don’t think you’ll find smaller than a 2 in interchangeables because of cable size and what you need for a join.