What are your favorite knitting books?

Hello all~

I am wondering what your top three favorite knitting books are, either for the patterns, the pictures or the reference. I feel the need to add more to my book collection. Currently I have two Yarn Girls books, SNB, Last Minute Knitted Gifts and that’s all I can remember now. I am so busy making baby things, I would like to branch out into clothes for me…

Anyway, thanks!

:rollseyes: I can only name 3, that’s gonna be hard bc I have a gazillion faves…hmmmm :?? …let me think :thinking: about it…I’ll go with 3 of my newest…“Loop-D-Loop” and “Great Knitted Gifts” and “The Knitter’s Bible”…BUT I really :heart: :heart: “Accessorize” from Vogue knitting and “Scarf Style” and a bunch of others…but I won’t name any more bc i went over my limit…sorry :oops:

Rebecca, that’s why I said only three, I knew some people would have a ton of favorites! :lol: Hmmm, the Knitter’s Bible. I might have to take a look into that one. Thanks!

“The Knitters Bible” has a LOT of info in it and some projects…all sorts of stuff…it’s well worth it…I wish i had gotten it long ago…that would be my suggestion. if u go over to the book section of knitpicks.com and if they have that selection, they often have this dealy where u can look at some of the pages in the book…oops…here we have my edit…i just went to KP and looked thru the pages & it doesn’t even come close to showing the ‘overall’ vibe that i get from the book, it just showed some projects…but there’s a lot of how to…from easy to advanced
:frowning: sorry i was bad & listed too many books
what ‘kind’ of book r u looking for…what do u want this book to have for u? how to? patterns? everything? what?
if your answer is all of the above i would imagine that knitters bible would come pretty close to fulfullment, in my humble opinion

I checked out 25 Sweater for the brand new Knitter from the libray. I’m not sure how old this book is but it has easy and hard sweaters and cardigans in it. I had some really pretty ones in it.

Rebecca, I just was at Amazon.com and purchased the Knitter’s Bible, so I am looking forward to receiving it. Thanks for the advice.

i LOVE the sweater workshop, andknitting without tears. I have lots of magazines, though, too.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s answers. All I have so far is the SnB books. I am going to have to look at the Knitter’s Bible. I also just put KnitWit on hold at my library, so I will let you know about that one when I see it.

Vogue Knitting is a big encyclopedia like book but it’s a great reference guide. I constantly refer to it when I need to find a variation of a stitch for a specific pattern. Just as an example they have multiple methods of casting on and binding off depending on the project. Not alot of patterns in this one but you could easily design your own using the stitch references and blank pattern chart in the back.

instructional: (tie) 2 faves are the first SnB and Knitting In Plain English

pretty pictures and pages that make me say “I wanna make all of this!”: Simple Knits For Sophisticated Living

book about knitting: At Knit’s End (hilarious!) :lol:

Weekend knitting is my fav. I like reading the Joy of knitting too.

I, Me, I …wellll…here’s my confession…I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: just about every knitting book I’ve ever seen!!
What can I say…it is my goal to continue to increase my knitting library as I increase my yarn & needle stash… :thumbsup: yep…that’s my plan…and…I’m thinking it’s a good plan…a very good plan!!! :lol: :lol: and it makes me happy!!

today I decided I have to have
Odd Ball Knitting
Vogue Knitting

I borrowed the Vogue book from my best knitting buddy last month. I want to buy it.

argh, if I’m not spending on yarn, I’m spending on books.

Jodi, what author of Odd Ball Knitting. The link you did send to me was for a book that I could pre-order and was not due out until August. Thanks.

that’s the one - the book hasn’t been released yet. the author is Barbara Albright (Simple Knits For Sophisticated Living). since I love the Simple Knits book, I figure this one will be good, too… and I can always use a book about what to do with leftovers! :smiley:

Me too Jodi. Always looking for ways to use leftovers or yarn that I did not buy enough of to do a project. I will have to get on the list at the library for that one. Thanks!

My top 3 favorite books are:

[size=6][color=indigo]Last-Minute Knitted Gifts[/color] [/size] by Joelle Hoverson

[color=violet][size=6]Knit Wit[/color][/size] by Amy R. Singer


[color=green][size=6]Teen Knitting Club - Chill Out & Knit[/size][/color] by Jen Wenger, Carol Abrams & Maureen Lasher
I actually have more faves, but those are my top 3[/size] :XX:

:smiley: :smiley: :cheering: :cheering:
ohohohohoh…my husband ordered a book I’ve been wanting for a while & it should be in any day now…can’t wait…it’s
[color=blue][size=6]SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS[/size][/color]
:happydance: :happydance: :happydance: