What are your favorite beginner patterns?

I am part of a mother/daughter knitting group, that is just trying to get off the ground. It started out with a certain group of folks, and due to circumstances, had morphed a bit, and is now sort of trying to get off the ground.

We have quite a few really novice knitters who have more or less successfully managed most of the way through a garter stitch scarf and that sort of thing…mostly sort of playing with their knitting and not doing any particular projects.

I’ve been sort of elected as one to start moving the group forward a bit and trying to have us maybe knit the same project to help “bond” us, and help them move their skills along a bit.

So…what are some easy, fun patterns that include maybe knitting and a little purling, and some increases and decreases…and whatever other little beginner things you think would be good.

I started out with a Booga Bag…might not be a bad choice, but I wanted to hear from all you experts!!

Maybe Booga bags? I think that’s a really good project for early knitters - you don’t really have to purl and the felting covers up uneven stitches, but you do learn to pick up stitches and knit on circular needles and make i-cord and felt. They’re easy enough for beginners but can be “mixed up” a little for more experienced knitters, plus it’s cute and very very useful.

I think it’d be a great one :thumbsup:

ooh i’m a novice, what is a booga bag?
where is a pattern for that, i want to try it.



One of the first patterns I tried was the Dream Swatch headband. I think it’s a fun pattern to do :mrgreen:


I think a Booga Bag would be a great choice. It’s fun and easy to knit and is very useful when done. Actually - any felting project is fun for beginning knitters and the felting hides all those mistakes.

Here’s the Booga bag free pattern:

It’s so pretty. I’ve been drooling over those pictures for a couple of years.

booga bags would be a good choice

Everyone seems to start out with scarves, but I would say a simple hat would be much more exciting, and goes fairly quickly! Plus you can either do it on straight needles and seam it up at the end, or be REALLY ambitious and try DPNs…

Dishrags are not exciting, but could be completed together… (maybe)

yes hats would be great, so many to choose from

also, for a quick knit (just look for the adjustments others here have made or it may end up too large) http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter06/PATTcalorimetry.html

don’t forget to check the STASHBUSTER sticky over on the PATTERN CENTRAL forum - lots of ideas there.