What are you *watching*?

as in, what are you sort of looking up at every so often, while knitting?

last night for me was ‘history of the eagles,’ the 2013, 3-hr documentary about the band. it’s finally streaming on netflix. big fan here, and it was a fun watch.

tonight’s been the last part of ‘homeland’ season 1… that carrie mathison post-bop jazz is irksome but the story is really interesting.

Yesterday I was knitting while playing catch up with Downton Abbey and Greys Anatomy. I often just watch reruns of some sitcom like Big Bang Theory or Friends. I hate talk shows.

I usually watch BBT reruns too; TBS records them so often that it seems like I always have 10 episodes on my DVR. I’ve watched them enough to not have to “watch” every single thing and when to look up to see the gags that I do want to watch.

When Dancing with the Stars starts back up, I’ll knit during that too, stopping to watch the actual performances and only listening to the rest.

Otherwise, I prefer to really watch shows, since I’ve found that there are things that I miss when I’m only listening to it rather than giving them my full attention. I don’t have very many of those and I only watch them when I know I’ll be paying attention. (Like next week when my husband does his third shift rotation; I can’t sleep when he’s done and I watch one or two shows every night when he’s gone.)

Dance Moms, I love watching these talented young girls dance. The catty dance moms are so ridiculous and Miss Abby is so tactless and mean it makes for never a dull moment .

which mom was it who said about the girls, ‘they look like prosti-tots’? :wink:

for a while i was really into the real housewives of atlanta. and seaons 1 through maybe 5 of project runway.

I pretty much just “watch” whatever my husband puts on so it is usually a car show. Sometimes I prevail and it is a cooking show or HGTV like Property Brothers or House Hunters but then he complains “you’re not even paying attention” and puts I back on the car show.

That would have been Crissy or Kelly :rofl: I’m thinking it was Kelly . I watched a couple of the Mob Wives , just because I was trying to figure out if the one old lady was a woman or a man :shrug: never did figure it out . She sounds like a man and looks like a man in drag .

I feel your pain . My husband controls the tv also. He’s an old school hot rodder . Before if Kidney Cancer we use to travel all over going to carshows :hair:it was fun in the beginning but got boring real fast for me. So now he watches anything on TV that has anything to do with old cars BORING !! We have 16 maybe 20 old streetrods in storage. He use to actually work on them and we drove them to shows but again since his Kidney surgery , they just sit. He’s 65 now and I keep trying to get him to sell them . He says he’s working on it , what ever that means .

I have my own TV in my bedroom so I can watch my shows. What shows we do watch together are very limited ,mostly British shows and Blue Blood and shows that are copies like Blue Blood and I can only watch so much of those.

I’m more into Paranormal shows, Impractical Jokers show, Wife Swap show, Scary movies, the History Channel, Learning Channel ,things like that.

so, a lot of mindless tv the last week or so… clearing out my netflix backlog, and keeping up with a few current shows as well…

‘walking dead’
‘the reagan presidency’ which was a pretty good 3-episode rehash. 1 on domestic affairs during his 8 years, and 2 eps on foreign affairs.
‘black mirror’ (1st episode is just gross, after that just boring.)
‘the fall’ (almost done. you’ll get yours yet, jamie dornan - consider it payback for ‘50 shades’)
‘archer’ (season 5, ‘archer vice’). well, it WAS good… back in seasons 1, 2, maybe 3… and now i just need to know how it continues/ends.
‘rectify’ (modern southern gothic at its absolute slowest pacing possible… snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze)
‘unbreakable kimmy schmidt’ (13 eps might just be as much as i can take of this each season.)
‘back issue’ documentary about ‘hustler’ magazine and larry flynt. because 1st amendment rights are everything. especially if you want to disagree with that statement. :wink:
‘fat, sick & nearly dead’ because kale and juicing are looking more appealing every day.
‘mel brooks: make a noise’ - apparently ‘space balls’ is where he finally gave in to fart jokes. (really? does nobody remember ‘blazing saddles’?)

I don’t have cable, or satelite, so Its anything I can get on DVD from the library.

Dead like ME
Pushing Daisies

just finished the 3rd season of Revenge, thinking it would be the last, but it just seems to go on, and on, and on…

might look for the 4th season when its out, but will probably have forgotten about it by then.

and since I’ve just last week got my internet connected, I’m having silly fun watching goofy cats on youtube.

sang along with Tom Lehrer, (remember him, old people?? the vatican rag, the elements, and my all time favourite, New Math).

and of course, who can resist the banana-phone song, by Raffi?

yes, I admit.
its all silly.
I’ve done serious. I just wanna have fun. :slight_smile:

New Math. It explains a lot IMO. Love Dead Like Me too. I love Word Crimes by Weird Al.

i think you owe marvin gaye’s family some royalties now…


This Sunday March 29 th 90 min wrap up of TWD 's 5th season :woot:

wierd al. He’s such a hoot.

I met him when he did "Eat It’. My sister was the production assistant and I dropped in for lunch at her office. The editor dragged me upstairs to watch Michael Jacksons Beat It and then Eat it., Al was there, They had just finished his video.

we were all dying laughing.

Cool. There are few celebrities I’d care to meet, he’s one.

recently watched and finished the most recent netflix-available season:

unbreakable kimmy schmidt. yup, i was right - 13 episodes a season IS enough. although ‘pinot noir’ has been fun as a pick-me-up ringtone this past week.

archer: vice (season 5). yup, it was purely perfunctory.

in the process of watching:

homeland season 2. (done with eps 1-3, still have 4-12 to go.) because season 1 wasn’t grating enough. lord almighty the OCD! the bipolar/manic-depressive of it all! the screeching jazz soundtrack! the screeching wife! the screeching daughter! the glacial pace! ack - too much mandy patinkin!

walking dead season 5 - i’m up to episode 14. still have 15 and the 90 minute season finale to go. i. am. so. bored.

rewatched because i’m addicted:

skyfall. (seriously, when is the james bond spectre movie coming out? november 6th cannot arrive fast enough.)

new girl.


one or two episodes was more than enough:

spartacus. just absolutely awful. i mean seriously. everybody knows russell crowe is the definitive ‘gladiator.’ and then the main actor died, in real life, after the first season, so the whole show revamped.

garfunkel & oates. um… it may be an IFC thing, where it doesn’t compute in my now-aging brain anymore. or it just sucks. i can’t tell.

can’t wait for:

MAD MEN NEXT SUNDAY! in your face, walking dead. booyah! ungh! lol…

also, i’m taking a perverse pride in the fact that netflix is so exasperated with me, it doesn’t know what to suggest. it’s got barney & friends next to grindhouse. which… i guess makes sense as both could be silly and fun, or scary and life-altering, depending on what drugs one took. i wonder if that’s built-in to their al-gor(e)-ithm?

spartacus? wow!

I am SO out of the loop, because I don’t have TV.

but, if its dull, why watch? that’s hours of your life never to be had again.
unless, of course you’re KNITTING while watching, which is a whole nuther thing. :smiley:

got a Mad Men dvd from the library once, gave it two minutes. couldn’t even knit to it, I found it so boring. wondered what all the fuss was about.

I’m confused , you watch TWD and you were bored !?! and you didn’t like M.A.S.H !?! :thud:

i do find TWD very slow and boring. but i watch it because my mom loves it, and loves to talk about it. mash was under my ‘rewatched because i’m addicted’ category - it’s a classic, i grew up on it :wink: