What are you "scared" to knit?

Do any of you have something on your to-knit-list, but are scared to start it? I sure do, of course I’m a beginning knitter, so I’m kinda scared to knit much of anything at this point. Anyway, I REALLY want to do theMonk’s Travel Satchel. I think it would be a great bag for my knitting stuff, but also thought about making them as Christmas presents for my nieces to use as school bags! Since Christmas is so far away, hopefully I’ll get confident enough to tackle it.


I’d love to knit this dress for my niece but I’m way too scared even though it says its simple. I’m also scared to try any kind of sweater. I guess I’ve gotta get over the hump and just try it!!

I have a list of what I am going to knit next, but I’m not really scared to start anything, but I have been knitting for quite a while. :shrug:

steeking and complicated fair isle…

and not that I’m afraid, but it seems complicated, adn I can’t do complicated right now…but entrelach…YIKES>

Only steeking. How could I cut something I knit? The stitches, the stitches!!!

Everything else is just knits and purls. You make a mistake, you fix it or start over. :shrug: Nothing to be scared of, it’s not like someone would die if I dropped a stitch.

A garmet for myself. I am fluffy, so getting stuff to fit is sometimes hard. So i just make stuff for other people!

In the words of a great (?) man, “do your thing, don’t be skeered”. Success at knitting is all in the mindset, I believe. I think I’m afraid of steeks, so I really should knit a little something up and just cut it for practice. Other than that, can’t say I’m scared of anything. I haven’t done intarsia yet, not so much cuz I’m scared, but more that I imagine it will be annoying.

Oh wait, I know. I don’t feel up to super complicated lace patterns. Yeah, pretty convinced I’ll fail. And therefore, I will.

right now I am scared to knit one of the sweaters I have yarn lying in wait for, because it is 50% mohair and if I mess up, I will ruin the yarn.

I am going to buy some cheap indestructible reject yarn to practice with first, I think.

Entrelac still eludes me even though I took a private lesson to learn. I don’t know if I’d call myself “scared” but it makes me nervous because I still can’t get it to click in my head. :gah: Of course having said that, I’m joining the March challenge.

With socks I was really nervous, but now I’ve just resigned myself I am not meant to actually finish a sock but just get so far and the frog it ::sigh:: It is really teaching me patience.

Happy knitting :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say it’s so much that I’m scared to knit anything, rather too impatient to knit anything in depth…lol…I think a garter stitch baby blanket is the biggest project I have done or even desired to tackle…lol…There are tons of things I like to or would like to knit, but they are all small projects. Possibly because I have 2 little ones and don’t really have a lot of time for anything too big, and, I run the risk of my son finding another project and deciding to take it off the needles!!! He has a bad habit of getting into my knitting stuff :wall:

Sweaters and heel gussets. Sweaters because I hate seaming and I have no idea how to do the sleeves and gussets because I just don’t get it. :wall: I’ve tried to do the gusset with no luck, I just end up :frog: and feeling like an idiot.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I was just talking about this with a friend of mine. I’m not actually scared to knit something, I’m more scared of what the end result will look like! :roflhard: Now that I’ve gotten into the habit of buying really nice yarn, I hate to try to make something and have it turn out :ick: and feel like I’ve wasted really pretty yarn…I felt that way about sewing too and wasting pretty fabric, but I got the hang of it so I guess I can with knitting too… :frog:

I’m with your Nadja. After getting to a certain point on a sock then ending up frogging it countless (and I do mean countless) times, I finally have learned to put in a lifeline. It is SO much better than having to start all over again…I don’t frog any less but it’s less disheartening.

Sweaters, socks, entralac…

I hate seaming and have two bags STILL in my case waiting for seaming. (They have to be almost a year old now!) I should just buckle down and do one of the no-seam sweaters I found.

Socks- can’t imagine all that time on something for my feet! And you all keep talking about frogging them :frowning:

Entralac- It just looks hard. And, I’ve heard not to think about it, just knit. I’m not that kind of person. I have to know how and why.


There’s a KAL for the monk satchel here. It’s saddly moving very slowly, but you can read up on some of our train of thoughts.

As for my fears, it would be both entrelac and lace.

There are SO many sweaters and baby cardigans I’d love to try, but I’m just too scared to attempt it! In reality, I know have the “skill”… I mean, I’ve done socks and hats and scarves and blankets blah blah. But the thought of attempting a sweater puts me right off. I keep telling myself “one day! One day I will knit a sweater!”

But that one day is far away, I think. LOL

Anything that involves multi colors. I might try stripes, but I’m even a little timid about that. Fair Isle is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen–probably because I believe it’s waaaaay out of my league.

I’m very nervous about knitting sweaters as well. It seems too much like “sewing.”

I’m currently working on my third pair of socks using dpns. I would love to learn ML but am a little hesitant even though I just bought three longer cables just for this.

Since I learned about life lines on this forum, most of my fears have disappeared. As long as I keep the lifeline in, I figure I can always frog back to it and reknit.

entrelac…soooo pretty :wall: