What are you knitting for stocking stuffers?

Ive got some adults and some kids and i have to do something for the gift exchange for my sons kindergarten class…

for the adults im making bottle socks. I made some for them last year and they all have mentioned they wanted another one. for the kids i was thinking about the fishy twashi. Not sure about that one tho…help?
but for the gift exchange??? I need something for a boy. Im clueless. Maybe a fishy too?

whatcha think?

What about finger puppets?


Or Gnomes?

Mitten puppets?

The mitten puppets would be cute for a gift exchange, too.

If you want something for your significant other, I’m making pasties and Lacy Thong by Laura Rintala

Everyone else is getting cabled mug cozies. I don’t actually know any kids who’s parents allow them to celebrate Christmas :confused:

OH! And my kitten is getting a bunch of toys…Then again, I never stop making those O_O

If you have any teenage girls, I don’t know a single one that hasn’t started squeaking when I’ve shown them my amigurumis XD

Since my kids are grown and would rather be gnawed upon by rabid wolverines rather than wear anything not from the mall, I am knitting my husband a cap and scarf and for myself, a new scarf since my dog at my ratty old one.