What are you frogging today?

I’ve decided to frog three inches on the sweater neckline I’m working on. I’m two stitches off … and I can see where the missing decreses should be and I’m thinking the neckband to be knitted on won’t lie flat. So I’m frogging and going back to the start of the right neckline … should be easier to redo now that I “get” the pattern of armhole and neckline decreases.
It made me wonder: what are other knitters frogging today?

Not frogging per se, but I am unknitting the handle and bind-off of the Montavilla market bag I’m working on. My stitch count is off as well, and the slips and knits aren’t lining up properly. I’ve not had much luck in threading a circular needle into the fabric itself and managing to pick up all the stitches in the round, so I’ve taught myself to unknit instead.

sometimes I unknit if it is just a few stitches or a row. when you’ve tried threading the circular back in, have you tried doing the feeding onto a smaller-sized needle? makes it easier to pick up those stitches. and I always lie the knitting on a flat surface. Jeepers, sounds like I do this way too often!

Fortunately nothing today! At least nothing I’m aware of at this point…:shifty:

:roflhard: Awesome post for me today, thanks for making my day. I’m frogging this http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/jamaica-pouch
After I started it, I realized I hated the yarn I chose, wasn’t feeling the pattern, wouldn’t like the finished product and I started to wish I’d make a mistake so I’d have a reason to frog it. After two days of knitting I got my wish when the stitch count was off. I had a cathartic moment and frogged away.

I haven’t had to frog anything today, but I am currently re-knitting sleeves I’ve had to frog twice in order to get the fit right, hopefully third time lucky!

Glad I could make your day. So, in your catharsis, are you going to reknit this project or save that frogged yarn for a different project you like better?

I finally got a good 8 inches into a scarf last night. Then when I picked it up this morning, I started going while I was talking and it got ALL jacked up! Frogged it and tried to start something else and frogged that too, then I just put my stuff away and will start again tomorrow! I hate being new to something sometimes! LOL

are you a new knitter, letsknit? I find there is some knitting that is mindless, but I studied and studied this right shoulder on this sweater pattern … what it has you do on the neck isn’t symmetric with the armhole (which knitters that do sweaters all the time probably have experienced before but …) and I lost track …

I successfully got all my stiches back on … flipped the wrong way, as I did it sans life line which meant I put every stitch back onto the needle indivdually and was more concerned about getting them ON than which way … and ended up with the right number and have gotten the first set of 4 decrease rows done. ONly 13 more sets to go.
and then eventually I’ll get to the sleeves. Lucy78green now has me worried about the sleeves.
Hoping tomorrow will be a frog-free day for all of you.

nothing today, but last week i had to frog half an inch off the cardigan i’m working on. it doesn’t sound like much, but it was in ribbing which i can’t stand doing. and it was with lace weight yarn so it was about 10 rows.

I wouldn’t be too worried, I’m doing a top down largely made up as I go along creation, so it was a matter of getting the fit right.

Brand spanking new! LOL I’m teaching myself and I feel like I’m doing pretty well. It is the details that I have to get used to like fixing mistakes instead of always frogging! LOL

Today I am frogging an afghan I am making for a little girl with bone cancer. It is shades of purple, lavender and pink and is soft as a cloud. Unfortunately the holes in it are way too large so I am thinking about taking it down a couple needle sizes.


There’s this yarn… one of SockPixie’s cashmino colorways. I absolutely[B] love[/B] it in the ball, but I just can’t find the right pattern for it. This will be the fourth time I’ve frogged a project made in this yarn. It’s really hard to tell from the picture, but it is a great colorway.

that poor yarn is going to get a complex. hmm… socks to wear especially while waiting for the Great Pumpkin? that should be a great project before Halloween!

Right, and if she is a little, little girl you don’t want her to be able to poke through easily. Good luck with it … I hope it keeps her warm and comforted. I try to do a blanket a year for Project Linus with a mindless pattern – and if I don’t get this sweater done I might miss my year-end deadline … oh, and I have a new niece to do a Christmas stocking for. so I’d best get on with the sweater! I’ve gotten back to where I frogged on Sunday, so ony cost me 3 days…

what a coincidence-I’M 2 sts over in the sleeves I’m doing in the round and it’s driving me crazy so I’ll rip back until I find it. nice to know others think like me