What are good stitches for black worsted yarn

My name is Ann. I found this black flecked worsted yarn in my stash
I did a swatch in the garter stitch with size 9 needles. The weight swatch seemed fine. But the look was boring. Then I tried the ridge stitch to create a ridge every 3 rows and that did not make it look any better than using the garter.
I have search online for suggestion and came up. So I know there are experts with years of knitting experience who might be able to help me.
So in your experience is there any stitch more interesting than the garter stitch when working with a black worsted weight yarn?
Thank you in advance.

My experience with black yarn is that it’s both hard to knit with and most stitches just don’t show well. Maybe a stitch like a cable would work better? You could maybe combine it with something else as a contrast so it would matter as much.

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I think combining with another colour is a good suggestion.

I’ve got black in my stash for contrast.

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Good idea!. I am going back to the store where I purchased this black yarn. Hopefully the store owner will remember the yarn.
I could find a contrasting for the sleeves and collar band. I don’t want to draw attention to my lower area, which larger than my top section.
Thank for your help. I have been stuck on this problem for a long time.

You gave me a wonderful idea. Cables, which are vertical, would tend to stand out better because the surface contrast would be greater than a horizontal ridge line of knitting, which was the first surface option I tried.
I am only a beginner in cabling. So if you have suggestions for cables that might work for a beginner with black yarn, I would love hear about them.
The Forum should consider creating a list of bad yarns for beginning knitters. I would put black yarn and yarn that splits easily on that list.
Again thank you for your time.

If we get asked we usually suggest a light colored, worsted weight yarn. No novelty yarn like fun fur or fluffy stuff. Since you can’t see stitches well on dark colors it makes it hard for a new knitter who may be making mistakes and can’t see them easily. So light colors help a lot. Worsted weight and size 8-9 US needles are easier to start with.

Most people come in already having supplies and need help with a pattern or finding a pattern for yarn they’ve already purchased. We do what we can.

Cables…I’d practice on a swatch first. A regular 4 stitch cable is probably easiest to start with. Here’s a few links


It would be such fun if the long-time members of this forum put together
their individual advice for new knitter. You probably could sell it as a
thanks again

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