What am I knitting?NOTHING! I QUIT! Rant warning

:grrr: :!!!: :wall: :grrr: :!!!: :wall: :grrr: :!!!: :wall: :grrr: :!!!: :wall: :grrr: :!!!: :wall: :grrr: :!!!: :wall: :grrr: :!!!: :wall: :grrr: :!!!: :wall:
Why can’t I EVER do a simple taking out of a cast on edge to add more rows? I started my first ever mittens on straights, I realized that I totally miscounted my cuff rows. So, after working mitten 2, I thought, "Easy peasy…I’ll just take out mitten 1’s cast on and add the missing rows."
Long story short, the item went from adding a lifeline to being frogged, to being shredded and in the garbage.
I am so unbelieveably po’d right now that I simply wish I never discoverd this craft. I can’t get knots out of my yarn when they occur, I can’t fix a simple problem, I get so angry I just shred the thing and toss it. I can just cry from the frustration. My house is a mess because I would rather goof off than do anything constructive. And then I try to do something “fun” like knit and I f it up and now I’m angry because I wasted my whole morning on something that is in the trash. Lovely, now if I EVER decide to make another mitten for the one I DIDN’T toss, I’ll only look at it with loathing…
So, right now, yarn’s days are numbered in my house :verysad:

:hug: :hug: :hug:

Jodie, I totally understand how you are feeling… well I think I do. I felt like that when my yarn got tangled the other day and I had to toss it (I prettied up my post but I was roaring mad!! :grrr: ). I felt like that when I started two different projects (the Penelope blouse by Oat Couture and the Picovoli) and had to frog them both! I really felt down and hubby reminded me that I loved doing this, that I will find a good project to work on and I’d get the hang of the tricky stuff. I took a few days off and then got back into things after I cooled off a bit.

Maybe you need a little break? I’m sure the other girls have some sage advice for you that will help you feel better… but I just wanted to say that I understand what you are feeling. (((Hugs)))


I too feel your pain. I think we have all had times like this. I’m not saying this is the thing to do but, I get me a new project going. I put the one I was working on on hold. When I go back to it I’m not as flustered and it seems to go better. I have a sweater almost finished that I’ve started 3 times. I don’t know what it is about that stupid thing but I can’t throw it away. Maybe it’s the $80. yarn :teehee: I hope to finish it some day. Meantime I have about 5 projects going. If I get in a real bind I take it to my LYS and they help me get over the hump. Keep your chin up and DON’T QUIT. :muah:

i just want to say that i can definitely relate - in fact i was in the same exact boat as you not even an hour ago. i always get along fine, only to choke at the very end of my projects. it is extremely frustrating - i may or may not end up quitting (right now i’m feeling much calmer, so i really hope i won’t), but i just wanted to let you know that your post made me feel better because i was so there with you. i agree that walking away for awhile (and watching amy’s fixing common mistakes videos 1,000 times) seems to help.

I’ve threatened to quit knitting on several occasions too, when things go wrong with my knitting. A new book has come out recently to help people learn how to fix their knitting. The woman wrote it because she couldn’t find a book that focused on this issue, so she began writing her own book as she came across various knitting issues, and it has just been published in the last year or so. I haven’t read it, but the link above has a shot of the inside, and a couple of the problems that they fix. It looks like it would be a great book to add to a knitting library.

Please don’t give up knitting. Just take a break, and come back to it when you are ready.


I’m right there with you too. I was close to having two socks done when I decided to frog them both. I won’t go into the details, but long story short, I’ve been trying to untangle this big mess o’ yarn for close to a week now. I swear making me crazy its raison d’etre.

On the plus side, it was chilly morning so I actually got to wear the cuddly merino poncho that I finished a few months ago. Unfortunately, this afternoon (just moments before coming to the computer actually), I decided to tackle the tangle again, and I find myself feeling extremely frustrated. Meanwhile, I’ve been neglecting a lonely sweater even though I know that working on it would probably make me feel better. Maybe I just need to ask DH to remove (exorcise?) the yarn from the house before I’ll be able to let go and move on. :shrug:

ok. this might be a stupid question, but is it even possible to take out a cast on edge? I didn’t think that it was…


:muah: :hug: :muah: Sorry that this happened. Should you want to remove the cast on edge again I highly recommend just picking up sts around the edge and going from there instead :wink:
Now, take a deep breath, have a cup of tea and walk away for a bit. Big :hug: for you!

Go ahead and quit. GASP Yes, you heard me, QUIT! I DARE you. I TRIPLE DOG dare you! Cold turkey, baby! While you’re at it, you can send me all your needles and your yarn. You should. Because you know if you don’t, you will be tempted. That stuff will mock you from the stash and make you want it. TEMPT you with its softness. It’s POTENTIAL to become something MORE than a skein. “You KNOW you want to fondle us, CREATE with us, MAKE us into more than we are…”

But seriously. Take a few days off. I know I have. I am so sorry you had a rough knitting day, but I think it will get better. Taking a little break will help.

You sound so :wall: frustrated! I’ve btdt even after 30 years of knitting. [[[[hugs]]]] Seriously, take a break. That’s what I do. Sometimes I will get so confuzzled by a problem that I can’t figure it out. I’ll try to fix something and make a bigger mess. I’ve learned 2 things over the past 30 years. 1. Mistakes happen. Either learn to live with them or approach them like a puzzle, but don’t get emotionally involved in them. 2. Knitting is supposed to be relaxing. If you are getting worked up over your knitting then it is time to take a break. And it is ok to take a break! Oh and number 3 (yeah, I know I said only two, but I remembered a third one LOL!) If you have tried to cast on a project more than three times and ended up having to frog it yet again then obviously the wool is saying that it wants to be something different! :chair:

I’ve frogged so many rows that I’ve become almost zen-like about it.

I found a mistake (duplicated row) in one of the sleeves in Reid from Knitty (child’s lace cardigan I’ve been working on off-and-on for months) a few days ago, after binding it off. After undoing the BO and trying and trying to get a lifeline in, I ended up frogging the whole sleeve. So I know the feeling. I’m so over this pattern, and this sleeve is haunting me.

Seriously, just put it down and work on something else or take a break entirely. It’s just yarn. That’s my mantra…it’s just yarn.

{{{hugs}}} :hug:

You frogged an item, and then you shredded it? Do you mean you shredded the yarn? And then tossed it in the garbage?
Honestly, I think you need psychiatric help.

Oh man, do I feel your pain. I started a sweater a little while ago and thought I was ready for it. I got pretty far along (with Ingrid’s help) and one night I had just had it with the thing and frogged all of my work, even though the mistake was only a row or two away. It was almost cathartic to do it too. I’m taking a vacation from my knitting, literally, I’m in Tennessee for a week and made the decision not to bring anything knitting related with me. It has helped me regroup and realize knitting should be fun not full of hassles and something I need to “conquer”. I have a tendency to be a perfectionist and wig out if things don’t go absolutely perfect. I’m beginning to realize that knitting might just cure me of that. :roflhard: Take some time off, it will help.