What am I doing wrong?

:shrug: I don’t know what I’m doing wrong in my pattern and I really am hoping someone can turn my lighbulb back on! hee hee

I am “STILL” working on the hat to my baby sweater and have again ran into a problem. I did the first side of the hat, and now I need to mirror image that side. So I’m to the part where I am suppose to bind off the stitches that I cast on for the other side of the hat. So for example it tells me to:
Row 8: Purl, Bind off 4 stitches.

When I try doing that, I end up with 12 stitches, then 3 bound off, and the 16th stitch (the last stitch) on my needle waiting for the tail to go through it like you would do for a regular bind off. How can I do that when there is no tail and I still have 7 rows to knit? and even if I did break the yarn to bind that last stitch off, then working yarn wouldn’t be at the right place to start knitting again. I really hope I’m making sense to someone out there!!!

I am sure someone has greater wisdom here, but I would either break the yarn then join new yarn to start knitting the 12 unbound off stitches OR (this one is much more likely) have flagrant disregard for the pattern, purl the whole row, turn and bind off 4 stitches at the beginning of the next row.

Can you link to the pattern? It helps us help you if we can see it.

Here is the link to the pattern http://home.howstuffworks.com/easy-baby-knitting-patterns3.htm

The place where I am having a problem is the [B]second[/B] side of the hood. I am working my way back through the pattern and am on row 8. Shouldn’t I be purling that row and binding off the last 4 stitches? That’s what I’m having a problem with.

I was thinking of doing just that - disgregarding the pattern and doing the bo’s at the beggining of the knit rows. But I figured I was just missing something that is suppose to be really easy to do! hee hee

You can’t BO at the end of a row, so finish the row and BO at the beg of the next one.