What am I doing wrong with baby socks?

I’ve done 2 or 3 baby sock patterns, done a few of them twice, frogged, etc and I’m still having the same issue. On the heel, no matter what I do, I’m getting holes. Any sock experts know what I’m doing wrong. I’m not wanting to frog and start over AGAIN without knowing what I’m doing that’s causing this.

Is that where you’re picking up sts for the heel? Maybe twist the stitch to tighten it up.

It’s a “short row heel” so I’m not picking up anything.
This pattern was found here http://www.knitzi.com/freedownloads/HuncaMunca.pdf

I can’t open the link you gave (404 error), so I can’t read through the pattern, but it looks to me like the problem starts [U]after[/U] you have picked up the side gusset stitches, almost like a dropped stitch. I’m not sure how it’s happening, but that is what it looks like to me from the picture.

I’ll try again tomorrow to open the link, the pattern might give a clue as to the directions. I know of at least one free pattern for baby socks on the net that I have tried with great success, please let me know if you’d like the link. I’ve made too many pairs of them to count, so I’d be able to help on that pattern.

I wish I could be of more help, sorry about that.

Hmmm. . .I went to the page and they do talk about yarn-overs before purling. . .but do you know exactly where the holes are coming up, I mean exactly where they correspond to the pattern instructions?

I dunno, I don’t do socks, but thought I’d make a stab at an answer… Maybe you should be wrapping the turned stitch?

eta: A YO short row eh… then you should probably be knitting the YO with a stitch. Look at this tutorial for them - http://nonaknits.typepad.com/nonaknits/2005/04/yarn_over_short.html

from that page there was a comment:

“I’ve seen some YO methods that have you do additional yarn-overs as you’re knitting “out” of the short rows, as well as when you start them. In other words, every time you turn your work, you do a yarn-over, regardless of where you are in the short-row process. So that, as you knit your way out of the short rows, working back toward full rows again, you end up knitting three stitches together–the original yarn-over from when you started the short row, and then the newer one from your most recent turn. Personally, I think that’s kind of unnecessary, and when I tried it, I ended up with “holes” in my sock heels. Have you ever tried it that way? Do you have an opinion? Or do you not care any more, now that you’ve discovered the Japanese version? (Which I’m very much looking forward to!)”

That’s exactly the issue I’m having. I’ve tried multiple patterns and they all do this. I was doing as the patter said and was correcting the mounts and such but still getting problems. I’ve made a few full sie socks before but never had these holes so badly

Then maybe just leave out the extra YO and see if that helps.

I had the same problem with clicking on the link-- but it is the exact correct address. So try just typing it into your browser and it’ll come up.

It doesn’t show up, but there’s some extra letters after the .pdf, try this http://www.knitzi.com/freedownloads/HuncaMunca.pdf

Today I try a new pattern

Same problem… holes…
I think the problem for this one is that when you’re working the heel, the other needles/stitches sag and get stretched out.-

I recently read something about this ‘somewhere’ and it said to put the stitches that you are not knitting on waste yarn so it won’t stretch out as much as if you leave it on the needle.