What am I doing wrong? Stockinette Stitch.... picture below

I am trying to make stockinette stich baby scarf, and this keeps happening…

you see… there are lines in the middle? it looks like inside out is reversed… and somehow it is normal and then reverse again…

I have no idea what I am doing wrong

any suggestion?

by the way, since this cannot be a scarf… I ended up making rat out of it :doh:

Cute rat!!!

When you do stockinette, all the knits–the little V’s, are on one side and all the purl bumps are on the other.

What happened here is that you knit a few rows when you should have purled or purled when you should have knit.

When you’re knitting stockinette, look at the knitting itself. If the flat v side is facing you, you need to knit. If the bumpy purls are facing you, you need to purl.

I have had the same problem.

Follow Ingrid’s advice, she is a knitting guru.

I just wrote down what she put in your post so I know whether to knit or purl just by looking at the project.

oh… That is great tip~

I just could not find out what went wrong and it is so funny that it was such a simple mistake… how embrassing :teehee:

Thank you so much for your reply!

And when you accidentally knit where you meant to purl, and it adds a cute stripe across the mouses back, or an interesting element to the garment you are making, it is no longer a mistake…

It’s a DESIGN ELEMENT! :thumbsup:

Mama Bear