What age to teach child to knit?

My son is six years old and has recently expressed interest in my knitting. In your experience, what’s a good age to teach someone how to knit? And, should I teach continental (what I do) or English (which I’ve heard is easier for kids to learn)?

And if my kids end up learning to knit, I’ll just have to get them their own needle sets, because I don’t want to share mine!! :blush: :lol:

I think it varies from kid to kid, but overall I’d say 6 is a perfect age! I got my niece these cute needles just for her!

As for continental or english…try continental since that is what you know and if he finds it difficult try english.

My grandson leaned last year at 7, and since I knit English, that’s what I taught him. He hasn’t shown much interest in it lately, though. I think English might be easier for kinds because each step can be demonstrated separately, and they yarn doesn’t have to be wrapped around your finger.

Thanks ladies, maybe I’ll try teaching him this summer when he gets out of school :wink: .

Many Montessori schools and Waldorf educators consider knitting as part of the 1st grade curriculum.

Before I took a class at a LYS, one of my friend’s child, Z, learned to knit at school. Craving to learn how, I suggested to Z that maybe she could teach me. In all seriousness, she told me I would need to learn to crochet before she could teach me to knit!

Point is, these schools regularly use tools like knitting and crochet to teach a variety of skills (fine motor, counting, patterns, etc.) to their 6 year olds, but they do tend to teach crochet before knitting.

And those Lion needles are too cute–notice one is red and one is blue. I think that would make things easier to explain. I won’t share my needles with my 4 and 2 year olds, but they each have their own yarn and needles (which are actually chopsticks). They stay in their own baskets, like my knitting basket.

I taught my son when he was 7ish. He’s 10 now. He said “you are so happy when you knit so teach me how.” So I did. he is a lefty but he prefferred english to continental. I tried to show him crochet but knitting was much easier. He still knits. once in a while. :rollseyes: