What a storm!

Anyone here from north NJ or PA? We just had one heck of a storm here, my husband saw a few strikes hit the fields in front of our house! And then the thunder, right over the house-talk about loud.

I love thunderstorms, but of course we don’t get them like you do back there.

I love thunderstorms, too! But being from Kansas you have to look out for those big nasty swirly things that come with some of them…:wink:


I enjoy thunderstorms too - but [I]PLEASE, PLEASE[/I] try not to send them our way! :waah: I don’t care if I never another raindrop again.

Don’t worry, I shan’t hold you personally responsible if it comes our way:teehee:

[COLOR=Lime]All the Best[/COLOR]

I’m in NY and we had some thunder last night too. I LOVE loud thunderstorms. Always have. Of course I don’t want anyone to get hurt or lose power but I still love noisy weather.
Even in Fall when it’s very windy out and I can hear the leaves on the trees moving…I just love it.:cheering: The louder the better.

I didn’t hear anything last night here in CT. It was quiet but it must have rained cause the street outside my window looks wet.

I used to love thunderstorms until this spring. Now with all this climate change we are having, the storms here are getting more intense and scary.

The thunderstorms around here are developing into down drafts and they are fast, dangerous and destructive. The times we have had them, people think they are tornadoes – they do a lot of damage.

My son and I were in the car coming home during the first one this spring – it was fast and furious and really scary. There were huge branches coming down in the road in front of us every few feet; I couldn’t see a thing, but I was too afraid to stop and couldn’t see to pull over. We were only in the car for about 15 minutes and by the time we got home it was already starting to clear up.

It was scary and I don’t remember weather like this happening here in CT since I moved here in 1989. So while I used to love sitting by my window watching lightning storms, I’m not so happy about them these days.


We’ve had some storms every night since Wednesday. Resulted in cooler temps - like 75 instead of 95 - and 3" of rain which was badly needed. Now it’s back to hot and dry again…

I can sympathize with you, Limey. Almost half of our town was flooded a few weeks ago.