What a Relief! -- DONE, DONE, DONE! (updated)


I just finished writing the second of two humongous papers that were due this term! The one I just finished was almost 20 pages long and counts for 60% of my grade!


Now, all I have are finals this week…one will be difficult…and then I’ll have about three weeks off!!!


I hear my needles calling…“Oh Nathalie…where are you???” Hush now…three more days…


Oh, sorry, I had to have a moment of self-indulgence…

Two more classes left until I graduate!


Hang in there. :thumbsup:

Thanks, Mason! Y’all have ridden this roller coaster with me. I always appreciate the support.


way to go! What is your degree in?

I am so proud of you!

I feel the EXACT same way as you just described:teehee: I am deciding which project I wanna do after finals when I should be studying for the finals:aww:

Thanks! My degree with be in Social Sciences with a minor in History. The 20-page paper was for the required class that all history minors have to take before they graduate (Research and Methodology). :ick:

I plan on teaching after I’m done. I’ll have a bit more schooling next Fall, but as long as I pass the state certification exams, I’ll be good to go. I can complete the education program online and work while I finish the classes.

But to have that B.S. – after almost 20 years…



I’ve been eyeing my yarn that “somebody” sent me recently…


Must not touch until Wednesday…


Hang in there, I’m sure you will do just fine :thumbsup:

Woo, those needles will punce on you as soon as you are free. :teehee:

Oh Congrats! I know exactly how you feel. I graduated last year, but now I’m in a post-grad Public Relations program. The work itself isn’t hard, but there’s just SO much of it. I have had a couple of weeks from hell, but it’s coming to an end. I still have 3 finals and a paper on ethics to finish, but I can see the light! Thursday is the end (and my birthday!)

:woot: Congrats!!!:woot:

Good luck with your exams too!

What a great way to celebrate your birthday, though! Stress-free!


I am so proud of you! Hang in there, I know how hard you have worked. relax and enjoy your free time!

Thanks!!! Two finals down…one to go. Made a 70 on the final I took today. Real booger… :wall:

Went in to take a proctored final (all of my classes are online), and half of the test was not on the study guide that the professor gave us. I answered with a lot of non-committal sentences. I called the professor on my way home and explained that I thought it was a bit difficult given what he had told us to expect (i.e. that we were supposed to study the entire book!). He was so nice and told me I am a good student and not to worry.

Yeah, I played the teacher’s pet card. I really want my 4.0!! :teehee:

Ok…so even though dd had a soccer game tonight, when I came home, I decided to bite the bullet and take that last exam.

I am SO glad I did! I’m done!!! Now, I’m just waiting for the professor to grade it since it had essay answers. I’m also closely monitoring my school site while he enters grades. I’m a nervous wreck!

But I’m done!

Happy Dance, PEOPLE


I am going to finish the booga bag I’ve had OTN for forever for my sister for Christmas!!!



Sorry…I’m just so happy. I had the final from you-know-where this morning, and I was sick yesterday and still had to study…


Ok. I’m done celebrating…for now… :teehee:

Congratulations!!! Wonderful accomplishment!
Now want to finish my schooling for me?? :slight_smile:

Yay for being done, Nathalie!! I swear this term just about did my socks in. I finished Sunday night and my grades came out Wednesday night. [COLOR=Red]THREE As!!![/COLOR] I could NOT believe it! I’m so stinkin’ proud of myself.

And I hear you on the knitting thing. I haven’t touched my knitting in forever (or KH or ravelry!) and I feel lost. It is taking some time getting back into it.

I’m taking three more classes this coming up term. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Enjoy your break!! :yay:

What classes did you take this past term? Congrats on the A’s!!!

One of my professors STILL has not posted grades!!! I mean nothing…not for the mid-term, final, or two papers that were due. I pulled A’s out of the other two classes. Doc Z gave me a 100 on the LONG paper in Research and Methodology – 60% of my grade in that class. I was completely shocked.

I must say that it’s been so nice not studying!!!

What did you register for next term?

I’ve got TWO more classes, and then I graduate.

Can’t believe you are so close to graduating!! Congrats. I’m happy for you, yet just a teensy bit jealous too! :mrgreen:

I took a math class, Intro to Crim Justice (for my minor) and Public Policymaking for my major (polysci).

I’m signed up for Finite math, Survey of Corrections, and Constitutional Law (in CJ), both for my minor.

As embarrassed as I am to admit this, I’m kinda ready for school to start again. I’m a bit bored. :shock:

Side rant: The price of textbooks is so freaking ridiculous. It boils my blood.

I remember waiting for grades, hang in there. I know you did awesome. You are to be comended for your perserverence. I know you will do great and graduate w/ a 4.0