Wet block?

I have not heard this term before…don’t you always have to wet things to block them?

I am doing the Tigers Eye pattern (lacy scarf)…and it instructs to wet block…does this mean I should actually submerge the thing, rather then just spray bottle it?

You can also steam block, or dry block, wet blocking is letting the knitted piece soak with water, then draining out the water and pinning out the damp piece of knitting.

ok…then I must ask…

What is dry blocking?

Steam blocking is just taking steam to something, right?

Well, here is something I found. Steamblocking goes under “dry blocking” as well.

Wet blocking means that you immerse the block, garment or textile in water, followed by careful pinning to a blocking board or, in the case of a large quilt, the rug on the floor. After pinning, described below, the textile is allowed to dry in the shape and dimensions you give it.

Dry blocking means the item is completely dry when you pin it into the shape and dimensions you want. You add moisture in one of several ways.

* You can spray it evenly with a spray bottle
*  You can pass a steam iron over it, not on it
*  You can use a commercial steamer

Hope that helps

Yep…it does…smiles

Wet blocking also allows you remove any oils that you’ve “knitted” into the scarf from your hands. You’d be surprised at how much gets on your work. Also helps remove any odors that may have clung to the fibers. There are several products out there specifically for this purpose.

I for one am in favor of wet blocking or “washing” lace or something that requires blocking. Mwhite is right about the oils and dirt from your hands getting into your knitting. I use dawn dish washing liquid to was my things before wet block. you can also you Kabula (sp) wash.

Make sure to check that the yarn you are using is suitable for wet blocking (i.e. certain fine yarns should NOT be wet blocked).

Also, try putting a flattened out garbage bag between your garment and the soft surface you will pin it to (especially if using a bed, rug, etc.). The plastic will not soak up the moisture and the garment should dry faster. :smiley:

I have those play mat things…you know the big interlocking foam things you can use as either exercise mats or kids play area things…they are the best for blocking…and so adjustable…!

Wet/Dry-Steam method. 1st time block experience. A scarf made with bamboo/nylon.Thanks abunch.:wink:

I’m still not sure about this particular yarn(bamboo)it’s Berroco Bonsai,and has silky strands through it…so I emailed Berroco,however they have not answered. Thanks for all the ‘how to’s’…:thumbsup: