West Michigan Knitters?

Holland area to be specific ~


I live in Zeeland, but work and do EVERYTHING in Holland. I am a pretty new knitter still. So far Lizzie Anne’s an Friends of Wool have been soo helpful. Where are your favorite shops?

I enjoy the help I receive from Lizzie’s downtown. The gals there are so helpful. I do like to purchase from the sewing center further west on 8th st. as the store has been a local business for a long time. Though this store doesn’t carry alot it’s a friendly place too.
How long have you been knitting?
I originally started to stay awake watching tv! Then got into it with my daughter who is at GVSU. There is a nice shop in Allendale too called Yarn It.
Whatcha’ knitting now?

Hello. I’m in Middleville. I 'm not sure how far that is from Holland. :shrug:

Are you both going to the Michigan Fiber Festival? I’m definately going to go.


Greetings from a little further south on the lake. Fiber Festival is WONDERFUL! I was there 2 daysthis year: one for a class and one to shop. The selection of yarns, needles, books and kits makes you feel like you’ve died and gone to knitting heaven. (But be prepared for warm weather. I’m a professional office dweller & the heat nearly did me in … okay laugh over this one: during the class I threw up and nearly passed out. The instruction was very cool about it … I think it was a first for her!)

In St. Joe/Benton Harbor there is a lovely, longstanding shop called Ivelise’s on Napier Avenue. The more shops I visit, the more I appreciate the nice selection of yarn they have. Another shop I want to check out is in Lansing is “Thread Bear” (threadbearfiberarts.com)

Okay … back to work or I will be up too late again. Happy Knitting!


for sharing the Fiber Festival.
Being a new knitter I hadn’t heard of this.
The classes look interesting, and some are full for Aug 07 already.

Hey, do you have the Lucy picture where Ricky is handing Lucy her allowance? A girlfriend had that hanging in her kitchen ~ how fun.

I’ve never been t the Fiber Festival either, or heard of it for that matter. What is it like? Have any of you been to City Knitting in East G.R.??

I’ve never been to the Fiber Festival either, or heard of it for that matter. What is it like? Have any of you been to City Knitting in East G.R.??

Fiber Festival has classes and vendors from the critters all the way to yarns, books, patterns & needles. There are “fiber” animals (sheep, alpaca, etc.) in the barns, “raw” fibers, wool combs, spinnings wheels, hand spun & dyed yarns that you just don’t see in yarn shops. One vendor had tons of knitting books. I’m planning to take more classes in 2007. Can’t wait!

I took the “beyond beginning knitting” class this year. There was a woman in that class from GR and she highly recommended that shop. I’ve visited the website and it looks great. I want to visit in person, but if I visit, I will buy. I’m trying really, really hard to buy as I knit. Last hobby was stamping and I have a boatload of stamping stuff in the closet I haven’t used. Have you been to the shop? Do they carry Skacel Natura circular needles? I’m still trying to settle in on a favorite circular need brand.

I’m starting a knitting group! It’s going to be in Caledonia so it’ll probably be a ways from most of you, but if anyone is interested we are going to be at Essential Bean in Caledonia, MI on the Second Tuesday of every month starting December 12 from 6:30pm to 8pm. You can find the address by typing in “Essential Bean Caledonia” into google.

:waving: I love Esssential Bean. I’m from Byron Center and know the coffee shop quite well. I love most coffee shops anyway, and spend time there knitting, reading, or whatever. How interesting that you are starting a knitting time w/friends. Sounds fun!!

Well I am new to this site but noticed people in my area that like the same hobby I do. I might just swing by your class at the coffee shop in calendonia. What exact date is the next one?


I live in alaska near calendonia. I think I sent you a message before. I have been knitting a ton on a loom. Bunch of hats and I made these great slippers with them.
Just saying hello.

Hi! I’m in Kentwood! I go to Schuler’s Book Store on 28th every second Tuesday for the knitting group K1P2…well, I went in Oct and Nov, had to miss Dec and Jan, but will go there this next time. I haven’t seen too many people go though, so maybe I’ll try the Essential Bean too!

Happy Knitting!