Went to my third class:

[color=blue]I went to my third class this morning. :slight_smile:
I have done two hats and a scarf and they made some suggestions on what I could try so I’m going to do a sweater for my 3 year old grandson. OH NO! LOL.
It is this one: http://tinyurl.com/8p6fb but I’m going to do blue with yellow strips. Adventurous aren’t I?
It sure costs a lot to knit. I never realized but the satisfaction is worth much more.


I think thats a great project, and stripes aren’t hard to do.

Blue and yellow , hmmm :thinking: - that would go great with Ingrid’s maize and blue clogs! :cheering: GO BLUE!

Try Knitpicks or some of the other online yarn stores (there’s a thread of addresses for online yarn stores on here somewhere) for reasonably priced yarn.

Happy yarn hunting!


I hate to admit it but I think I’m hooked on this knitting stuff. :slight_smile: I was thinking at first it would be just something to ‘conquer’ and go on to something else maybe BUT…LOL.
My grandson’s favorite color is yellow but eeeeeeeeewwwwwwww on an all yellow sweater. I thought the blue (actually blue and white) with yellow strips would be cool.
I really enjoy the classes but part of the class deal is that you buy the supplies there. You only pay $2 for the 2 hours and two teachers there.
It may be just me. I never like to pay much. LOL. I guess $34 for the class and the materials isn’t all that bad is it? It will be a toddler size 4 and I got a size #5 and size #7 Brittany knitting needles. They look like the top photo: http://www.brittanyneedles.com/bkhook.html along with three skeins of Plymouth Yarn “Encore” 200 years each.
Thanks for being happy for me,

Susie, I will be curious to see how your sweater turns out- I have that same pattern, which I am probably going to attempt for my 6 yr old son. I’m not going to be able to get to mine until after Christmas, though, I think.
Yes, knitting isn’t the cheapest hobby in the world- but I think $34 for class and materials is great!!

A sweater from the department store…$34
A hand-knit sweater from grandma…priceless!!

Too bad we couldn’t work on it together. How cool that we have the same pattern. I will probably make myself one some day too.
Ah yes, priceless. What a wonderful thought.

That’s a great sweater! It looks a lot like the sweater I’m working on for my DD. I wonder how similar the patterns are. You are SO adventurous for such a newbie to knitting! YOU GO GIRL!

What is the name of the pattern you are working on? How far are you with it? What colors?? Nosy aren’t I?
When I get interested in something I go whole hog. My first quilt was a queen. :slight_smile:
My first two weeks of making purses I made nine. LOL.

The sweater I am making is this Toddler Sweater #9730 from Knitting Pure and Simple. It is on circs and I am almost done with the body (should finish that tonight). I will do the sleeves and neck within the next week and will be finished! The yarn and color I am using is Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton in Shell. I just love that yarn. SO soft and nice to work with!

I’m not sure if that is the same sweater or not but they sure look like they might be.
What wonderful colors you have chosen and I bet it is VERY soft. Alpaca normally is ‘I think’.
I’ll have mine done by next year this time maybe. LOL.

LOL Susie… with your track record, you’ll have it done by the weekend! :roflhard:

Oh my no. Well, I don’t think so. I’m going to be gone most of the week off and on and all day Sat. :slight_smile: I still have that queen sized quilt to finish along with other projects. Fun isn’t it?
I’ll try to get it done…hahahahaa,

Good luck Susie for your first sweater! That must be great to have classes like that! :XX:

Liz, I took a look at the Alpaca cotton, it seems to be soooo soft and the colors are… well… like sweeties! :inlove:

Thanks for being happy for me. I’m excited about it. I love sweaters so if I can make this for my awesome grandson Drew then I can make some for myself. :slight_smile:

I made a baby sweater and was so amazed it was so easy. I used a debby bliss pattern and whipped it up fast.
Dont you love classes, I was so sad when mine ended. it was so nice to sit in a circle and knit and talk and get to know one another. ahhh those were the days (3 months ago) lol

Baby and kids’ sweaters are fantastic practice. You get to do all the decreasing and shaping without the miles of stitches. It really is a good education for when you want to expand to adult sweaters. Plus, since babies and kids come in a variety of sizes and continue to grow, if you are off in the size, somebody will grow into it. Plus they don’t demand perfection! :wink:

That is good to hear that you were surprised how easy it was. It doesn’t look easy to me right now. LOL. I’m sure I will get it though. I’m stubborn.
Yes, the classes are fun but I can’t knit and talk at the same time and I can’t take my eyes off what I’m doing. :slight_smile:


[color=darkblue]Hi Ingrid,
Thanks for assuring me that this is a good project for a newbie. It will be fun.
My husband sort of bummed me out. He looked at the pattern and said ‘that’s a girl’s sweater’. Geesh, it made me want to throw it right away at first but to heck with him. I guess because it is rolled at the bottom, neck and sleeves. Geeeeeeeeesh.
He is such a poop about boys things being super manly.

:rollseyes: Sew some beer can tabs and cigar wrappers on to it…that’ll make it manly! :rollseyes:

LOL, I doubt that a three year old little boy needs to be THAT MANLY. I’ll have to share that with my husband. How cute. :slight_smile:

Susie, that is SO not a girl’s sweater! It’s definitely uni-sex. Don’t let your DH get to you!