Wendy Ikon

Bought some Wendy Ikon some 20 years ago! Wondered if anyone has a girls cardigan pattern for this wool or what’s todays equivalent. Any help appreciated. Many thanks.

I just checked and it’s 18sts over 4 in so it’s a worsted weight yarn. Those patterns should be easy to find. I’ll find some links and be back in a little bit.

don’t ever worry too much about the specific yarn. You have it in hand, so you know what project it might be for.

Knit a swatch (you don’t really need to anymore, Jan found the specs) and find any pattern that uses that swatch measurements.

At garnstudio.com it says right under the pics in the preview what stitch count they use! Super easy.

In European patterns they sometimes give a specific brand. But usually you just care for the meters per 50g and the swatch.

I truely have NEVER searched for a pattern with the NAME of my wool / yarn to start the search with. This seems to be a very American Knitter way of going about it. No offense, you just make your life too difficult, and that goes for some of the knitters as well as the pattern makers. Take it easy!

And if the gauge is not right: re-write /-calculate the pattern. That often does magic!

Especially with kids cloth you have one big advantage anyways: They lable a lot of different sizes. If your swatch comes out 15 % bigger than the instruction, for example: knit a pattern size that is [I]about [/I]15 % smaller (by instruction) and follow it like this:

the number of stitches or rows you take from the pattern that your swatch lead you to, the number of inches in some parts of the instruction, you take from the pattern that is given in the size of the kid (since you want it to fit and not be stubby or long).

Volia: you have a fitting kid cardigan, pants, skirt, whatever without doing all the math.

For patterns like that I print the instructions / copy them and highlight the numbers I have to follow as long as I remember, am capable of concentrating and want to do it. Then you just go to knitting!

Many thanks for your reply. Have done much knitting over the years but always from a pattern more or less intended for the wool. However I will try and experiment. Bought this wool when a shop was closing down, have it in 3 colours. 20 years on thought I could now use it for grandaughters! Thanks again

just dare. It is much easier than you think, really.

I don’t think it’s just an American way, I think it’s due to the influx of young knitters and new technology. Now knitters can look up a yarn and see what it knits up like, how it looks in different patterns. I’ve done this and then decided I didn’t like the way it looks so choose something else. I don’t believe it does make life more difficult…it makes knitter more enjoyable when I know I’m going to like the results. :wink:

Wendy Ikon
18st over 4 in = worsted weight
69% cotton/15% acrylic/16% polyester
Boucle Texture
Recommended needle size 5-7 US
Yardage not known - 50gms

I don’t know how many skeins you have and the yardage isn’t given so it’s possible you may have to use some other yarn as well if you don’t have enough. Also because of the texture the stitches won’t show up well so you may want to stick to something simple like garter or stockinette.

If you aren’t on Ravelry join (it’s free) because there are many patterns that are only available there. I’ll put the links so you can go to them after you join. Also don’t know what size little girl…



Hi Jan,
Thanks for your comments and advice, have joined Ravelry. By the way Lily is 6years old.
Thanks again