Well, I've done it

I’ve created a blog for my knitting. Nothing is there yet, but there’s gonna be!


:cheering: Congrats on your blog… I have been debating about this for a week if I should or shouldn’t… like to but then wonder if I’d keep it up… dh says I could have a page separate from his when he creates his own blog but his will be all political talk and we don’t agree on everything there… he is as right as you can get where I hop the line on certain issues :rofling: just not sure thats where I want my knitting blog to be with debating :lol:

I had created one a while back but did nothing with it. Then I was on this girl’s blog yesterday and while I have a blog for everything else, I decided to make one for just my knitting. I hope I do keep it up though. I plan to update soon.

:cheering: Have fun with it!

:cheering: YAY welcome to the world of blogging :wink: