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I am new to this site as I have just begun knitting again after several years off. I know this site can help me because this morning, before I signed up, I was in a part of the site that had exactly what I need but I can’t find it again. I know it’s here somewhere.

My name is Mary and I’m originally from Cincinnati but have moved to Chicago. I’ve been knitting for over 55 years but am self-taught so I do a lot of things a little differently.

I’m very glad to be a part of this forum and hope that maybe I can help someone and improve my own knitting too.


Hi Mary and welcome to the forum!
It’ll be great to have your experience here and we look forward to helping with questions if you should have any.


Hello fellow knitters. I am Janis, l live in UK, and have recently come back to crafting. My crafts include crochet, jewellery making, fabric art and embriodary, and of course, knitting. I am a member of a knitters and natters group which meets up once or twice a week. For those readers not from the UK, nattering is a ‘talking’. My husband calls us ‘knitting nana’s group’. Well, truthfully, l’m old enough to be a granny but am not actually one. Lol. I have a few projects on the go, depending on how l feel. My favourite right now is an afghan rug from scraps. However, the needles are small guage and sharp which puncture my finger pads, so i’m sporting some Michael Jaskson style sticking plasters. Actually, its paper tape, with which you can make a stiff thimbal shaped dressing to protect the finger pads from soreness, and you can throw them away when they get grubby or its time for tea. Its very effective, and doesnt seem to slow me down any.


Hi my name is Angus, and I have joined this forum to try and get help for my mum.She is 86 and has been knitting for most of her life, but a particular pattern has got her completely stumped.I thought I could help her out by joining this forum,as my mum is not particularly computer savvy.Yours hopefully Angus Brown.


Hi Janisdolan and moathibby, Welcome to KH!
Wonderful to have you both join us.
Janis, we’ve also had questions about finger sticks with sharp needles. Thanks for the tip.
Angus, how kind of you to help your mother. We’ll all be happy to try and help her out.


Hi, my name is Deb and I live in Texas. I have started knitting again and I am much better at it now then I was when I was younger. I am trying to knit my first adult sweater and I’m having problems with “join pocket opening with pocket lining” . Can anyone show me a video or explain
it better then I can read. LOL Thanks for any help


Hi debt and welcome!
Wonderful to come back to knitting isn’t it? Thanks for joining KH, we’re happy to have you here.
Post a question in How-to or one of the other categories and give us just a line or two of the instructions for the pockket lining and we can try to help. The answer may depend on you particular directions. Don’t post the whole pattern as that can cause copyright peoblems.
Also give us the name of your pattern.


Hello all, I joined this site today from Gilbert Arizona. While I am new to the site I am not new to knitting however I still get stuck on pattern verbiage. I am looking forward to getting to know other knitters, learning knew things and anxious to check out the resources.

Happy knitting!

Debra Jean


Hi there I’m krissy and also new to this site .
I tough my self to knit from knitting books and watch videos only been knitting for just under a year and still learning.


Hi this is Lulu and very happy to have found this site. I am a newbie to circular knitting and having issues with a pattern that has rows of 156 stitches.


Hello, I am new to this site and would be very grateful if anyone is able to translate a knitting pattern written in Turkish on a Russian site, translator does not translate this very well at all, this is the site: https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/svetlana-sima/post307856465/

I really like this pattern.

Kindest regards


It may be difficult to find translators but here is a similar pattern that you may be able to adapt.


Thank you kindly. Giovanna


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Hi I’m not computer savvy so please let me know if this message was received and if so I have a feeling I’ll be using this sight quite often I have decided to get braves and knit a fisherman knit cardigan and I know I’ll need some help along the way thanks in advance


welcome to KH!
A fisherman knit sounds like a wonderful project. We’ll all be happy to help if you need it and we love to see photos of finished projects.


Hello! I am a beginning knitter and am hoping to get help when needed!


Hi, just joined what looks a really helpful group. I’ve knitted for years but only easy stuff so now trying to be more adventurous