Welcome to the KnittingHelp forum! ...Introduce yourself!


hi!! my name is Samantha, I am 33, live in Minnesota and, obviously, I’m new to the forum! I have knitted for several years now, but most of my projects have been small affairs. I’m hoping to get into some more ambitious projects soon (like lacework and things that actually require blocking) and eventually start designing my own patterns.

I’m not bad, but I have a lot to learn and the more I delve into the world of handmade textiles the more I realize I don’t know. everything I know is self- taught or picked up from video tutorials and books, so I’m sure that there are lots of gaps in my basic knowledge that some of you will find amusing. hopefully, though, I can help out some budding knitters by sharing my own experiences and knowledge.

I can’t wait to see everyone in the forums and to become a part of this community!


Welcome! I have been with the forum for a few months and find it very helpful, as well as enjoying helping others with my knowledge. I am sure that you will feel very comfortable here. Hope to see some of your projects as you complete them.


Hi all!

Thanks for the lovely welcome. I’m Michale from Toronto, Canada. I’ve been knitting for about four years, have worked in the film business for over two decades, and have two amazing adult daughters. Other than that, I LOVE the colour purple and I’m just starting to create my own designs.

You can also find me on Ravelry as kindofpurple, and on Instagram and Twitter as KnitMyHome (I ‘like’ and ‘follow’ back!). My favourite things to look at are sheep and skeins of gorgeous, hand-dyed yarn (not weird, right?!).

This website has been such a helpful resource! Thanks for all you do and I look forward to joining in the forums!



I’m a newbie to this site.
I taught myself to knit last year while I was off work, using You Tube videos.
So far, I’ve made a baby hat/booties, a Robin Hood hat, a toy elephant, dino mittens, and a hat for my brother that was a disaster (my family think it should be made into a tea cosy :joy:).
I’m currently working on a Minnie Mouse hat (hoping it fits this time), and planning to make a baby dress, and baby blanket :crossed_fingers:
I love working on projects!
I’m still trying to figure out the different types of yarn, for different projects, and I’ve played around with a couple of cast ons (long tail cast on, Italian cast on, brioche, and a picot edge). I’m sure I’ve got a very long way to go. I love how the world (and my thoughts) disappear while I’m knitting. I find it really calming.

I do have a question about a baby blanket, that I’ve posted under general questions. My cousin’s 1yr old loves her blanket, that looks as though it’s crocheted, with big holes across the pattern that she loves wrapping her fingers through. I couldn’t find anything similar in a knit pattern, though I’ve found some crochet patterns that would work. Only, I cannot crochet beyond making a chain. Is there any way of converting a crochet pattern to a knit pattern?
Here’s the link to a crochet blanket pattern that is found. (Sorry for the long post)


Welcome KnitMYHome and helloooNurse!

Glad that you find the site useful and hope you find it fun too. Thanks for joining us.


Hi I’m new to this site. It looks so interesting.


Hi, I’m new. My grandmother would knit and crochet, and I loved watching her and wearing the things she made. I did learn the basics, but I never did much knitting myself.

Now, I’m writing a novel that features spinning, which I honestly never even realized that people did, but it’s fascinating and I have lots of questions. And learning about it has gotten my craft bone itching, so maybe I will start knitting again.

Hello, everyone!


Hi everyone!

I started knitting just before Christmas, and I’m a total addict now! I can’t watch TV without my knitting! I’m still a beginner, and I’m really keen to learn from you pros! :slight_smile: But if I can share any knowledge I’d be happy to do that! :smiley:


Hi Kalleb 123, welcome. I too am addicted and am currently working on 5 projects at once. We are all here to help each other through those difficult patterns and to learn new technics?


Wow that’s a lot! What are you knitting? :slight_smile:

My first project is a cable knit sweater - very excited! Taking me ages because I’m really new at this, but I’m really pleased with it so far! Not sure I’m quite good enough to handle 5 different projects though! :joy:


Hi i am working on baby items 2 rompers, a pram outfit, sweater, blanket, hats and booties to match outfits. Believe it or not i am almost finish and will eventually post pictures.


Hi Suzanne1, Miriam and Kaileb123 and welcome to KH!
It’s great to have you all join us, newbies and experienced knitters alike.


Greetings from Gettysburg, PA . I look forward to looking, listening, and learning here.
All the best,
Sally Ryan


Welcome Sally! Glad you’ve joined the forum. We’re all learning something new here every day so it’ll be good to have your questions and replies, too.


Hello, Amy,

My name is Gladys and am taking up knitting to relax me now that I am a senior.

I am having trouble deciphering pattern instructions relating to cables. The pattern is called Reversible Cabled Scarf - 220 Superwash Aran. Here is a link to the pattern http://cascadeyarns.blogspot.ca/2013/07/reversible-cabled-scarf-220-superwash.html

The part that is giving me difficulty is Row 3 where it says K1, C4FRib, [K1, P1] x 8, C4BRib, K1
Row 27 is similar - K1, [K1, P1] x 4, C4BRib, C4FRib, [K1, P1] x 4, end K1

Unfortunately the pattern does not give a chart.

Could someone help me with this?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Gladys and welcome!
Lovely scarf. What in particilar is giving problems on this row, the cables, the repeats?


Hello - My name is Lynne, I’m not new here but I’ve been away from kntting since some time in 2014 I think it was. I’d like to come back. I loved it here, everyone was so friendly and helpful. Life got busy, things changed, and there wasn’t a good place in my days for knitting, so it got put away. Now life has changed again, when my husband very recently passed away.

Knitting has such a strong connection to the past - I always liked that part as much as the knitting itself and the online friendship. Thinking of the centuries of mostly women doing this before us, and for a lot of us it was our mothers and grandmothers who we learned from - just a nice feeling. So, wherever my life is going from this point, I think I want to take my knitting with me - and I do think there are lots of reasons why knitting is therapeutic.


Lynne, I’m sorry to hear about your husband. My condolences in this difficult time.

I’m glad that you’re back on the forum. We can meet here and share advice, questions and projects.


Hello, Salmonmac,

Re: Reversible cabled Scarf – 220 Superwash Aran

Web site: http://cascadeyarns.blogspot.ca/2013/07/reversible-cabled-scarf-220-superwash.html

Thank you for your response to my knitting question.

I am a senior and have always loved a challenge no matter what field, knitting being no exception. I am not a proficient knitter but always trying something new. There are so many absolutely gorgeous yarns to choose from these days it really inspires me to knit.

I did figure out on my own how to read the cabling part of the pattern instructions and have knitted to row 7. I thought before I get too far along I should find out what “Knit Rows 1 – 22” mean in the pattern.

Thank you so much for your reply.




That’s the right attitude. Learning something new with each pattern is fun and it keeps knitting fresh.

Once you get to row 7 begin repeating rows 1-6. You’ll repeat rows 1-6 three times (18 rows) which brings you to row 25.

Good for you for figuring out the cables. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.