Welcome My New Blog Into The World!

Hi guys!
I’m so excited to announce my brand new blog joining the realm of knitters and bloggers out there. I’d be delighted if you had a look and tell me your thoughts. It is my first foray into blogging!


Thank you!!

The link is faulty.

The link that you posted does not work :cry:

All you had to do was remove the Knitting Help part of the link. Here’s the correct one.


Sorry about that! I fixed it now, and thanks, Jan for posting a working link!

Hmmm… it worked for me…!
Loved your site, even tho it is only beginning, it shows great promise. I think I left a comment but not sure if it took.
TEMA :yay:

Thanks Tema! You are very encouraging, thank you!
Both comments posted! You have a special place in my heart for being the first commenter on my blog!:hug:

I really like it! Can’t wait to see more.

Your blog looks nice. I’ll be visiting.

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