Weird Pattern Request: Gun Case

I just bought a handgun and I would like to knit a little “cozy” or case for it. I want it to be shaped so that it sorta hugs the gun.

Has anyone ever seen a pattern like this anywhere?

I saw two on Ravelry, but both were personal patterns. You may have to come up with something on your own, too.
In a way, the idea reminds me of these knitted fruit cozies, especially the banana At least it may give you an idea how to start designing your own custom fit.

Here’s a very rough sketch of what I’m thinking of.

Think, sew same letters together fold on the dotted line.

I’m thinking I would have to start at the top of the picture and then do decreases for the trigger area and then finish off with the narrow part.

I have no idea if I can get this to work or not…I’m fairly new to knitting so I can do only basic stuff.

(see attachment for picture)

Not a gun person myself, but just a thought –
If you bought the handgun to defend yourself,
do you really want to waste time wrestling it out of a cozy
if there’s an emergency?

Your relpy made me laugh out loud! :roflhard: I guess she could just shoot right through it. Let’s hope she never has to take it out of it’s cozy for anything, but cleaning.

Imagine what you just said, but with a visual of a big burly man pretending to reach for a purse and saying with a lisp, “hang on mister robber while I unzip my homemade gun cozy and shoot you” and you have the exact response my husband had.

I wouldn’t have it on there while I was carrying the thing…just for when it’s in storage or whatever

I think I may have just been bored…I have since found myself a new project and as soon as the yarn and needles get here I’ll be making a blankie for my nephew…I may come back to this thought someday though…who knows!! :smiley: