Weird looking stitch! Help!


Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I’m doing my own pattern making a cowl. I could drop a stitch to fix it but I have about 6” of work done above it and don’t want things to look even funnier.
Please help! The yarn is from hobby lobby hint of silk


It might just be a extra long loop of yarn. Have you tried pulling slightly on it from the back to tighten it up? Then see if everything looks ok. If so, you could redistribute the extra yarn into the adjoining sts along the row.


Maybe it would help saying my pattern here.
YO k2tog
I think it’s the yo k2tog row that’s messed up. :confused: I don’t know how to fix it


Yes, I can see that. It doesn’t seem to be messed up, just a longer loop of yarn at the row after the yo. Did pulling that strand tighter bring the sts into the correct alignment?


I think it looks like you might have missed a stitch, or dropped one. Don’t rip out all your hard work. Try knitting around to the affected vertical row, keep all stitches on either side of that stitch row on the needles. Then drop the stitches down to the affected area and using another needle or a even a crochet hook, just following the pattern stitch next to the ones your fixing. Knit it back up. Slick yarns are harder to work with, but amazing wool you really have to work to get that affected row to drop down to fix.