Weird knit stitch question

This is kinda complicated, so bear with me…
When I first learned to knit, about a month or two ago, I taught myself from a book. I read the instructions wrong and ended up knitting a weird stitch. I didn’t discover my problem for about a month, and here’s why… the stitch I was using looked exactly like the book said it should look. The only difference is that all my stitches sat on the needle facing the wrong direction… they were twisted. So here’s what I did…
Instead of putting my needle into the stitch from the left to the right, front to back, and wrapping the yarn counter-clockwise, I put my needle into the stitch from the right to the left, front to back, and wrapped my yarn clockwise. Kinda complicated, like I said.
So here’s my question… if the pattern looked just like a garter stitched pattern should (and my stitches were all very lovely, actually, with the same tension throughout) then why can’t I knit this way? Or, was I accidentally creating a purl stitch backwards (I’ve had someone tell me that’s what I was doing.)
Thanks for your patience!

It’s hard for me to picture what exactly you’re doing, but if you’re creating a purl, you should know that garter stitch looks the same when you purl every row as it does when you knit every row. The back side of every knit is a purl and vice versa.

That said, if you like it, leave it. The only problem may come in when you want to do stockinette–knit one row, purl one row, or a pattern that changes knit/purl stitches to create a textured pattern.

Thanks! :smiley: The biggest problem is like you said, that I can’t do a pattern with it, since it comes out all funkified-But I think I will stick with my wrong way if I’m doing something in a basic garter. I’ve been doing the correct now for a couple of weeks, and while I’m still proud of it, keeping the tension is definitely harder.
And thanks for trying to get through my explaination, since I confused the heck out of myself reading it!