Weighted Therapy Blankets

I am trying to make a side business or maybe do some charitable stuff for kids with disabilities. I am thinking of making some weighted blankets. There is quite a bit of demand. Anyway, if I intend to use cotton, is there a way to know how much a blanket will weigh (prior to knitting?) Could that be determined by doing a swatch?

Also, I have noticed that once I take the stitches off the needles it is wider, so how do I know many stitches I will need to make a specific size? I will not be using a specific pattern per se, but probably a simple stitch like seed stitch.

Good for you for working on this. Weighted blankets are helpful for both adults and kids. The only way to tell size is to knit a gauge swatch, bind it off and wash it. Once its dried then measure it. When you knit your watch, keep track of how much yarn is used and weigh the swatch. Then you’ll have at least some idea of what the whole blanket is going to weigh. It might be easier in the end to knit a duvet into which a weighted blanket can be placed.

Thanks Jeremy! Will the weight change when washed? I never thought about the possibility of that! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

From what I’m seeing on Youtube, weighted blankets are recommended to be 10% of body weight. A 150 pound person would need a 15 pound blanket. Not sure what you have in mind with the knitted blanket? The ones I saw had pockets stitched in them and were loaded with either plastic or ceramic pellets. The number of pockets is divided by the needed weight. Then the pellets are weighed on a kitchen scale. The pockets are individually filled and stitched up. They are not recommended to be washed but have washable removable covers. Youtube does have several tutorials. I’m hearing they don’t work or fall off the side of the bed during sleep. But who knows?