Weight watchers


I’m thinking about using weight watchers to get myself back on track with my weight. Has anyone used it successfully? My concern is that I have a family so I need to be able to feed them and me and not spend a ton of time weighing/measuring food or entering things into the computer.

I tried some of the free online app type ones and spend too much time entering every food. Plus I cook - I don’t use a lot of pre-made stuff so I’m concerned that entering every recipe to get the points for every meal could get overwhelming.


I have used it. It worked for me as a younger person, but the last time I tried…not so much. Also they gave me 20 pts. TWENTY! Do you know how hard that is? You can do some research on the WW website without being a member I think.

I started doing some research and no longer eat the standard American diet. I eat low carb, high healthy fat. Not hungry, no calorie counting and important cholesterol pts are good now.


Jan - Thank you for your response. I am not very computer savvy so I have tried to look at their site but I just keep getting redirected to a sign-up page.
Back in the day I used to suggest Weight Watchers to a lot of my patients b/c it did a nice job of teaching what we knew to be good nutrition at the time and showing the value of exercise. I know a lot of people who were able to get weight off and keep it off without always having to do the points.
It feels like the points have gotten a bit more complicated and I worry I won’t stick with it. I’ve never had to lose weight before but after two kids and not running to and fro in the hosp everyday I need a little guidance b/c something I’m doing on my own isn’t working.


You know, it probably CAN be a healthful plan, but I think that many people choose their food based on the point value. You know, a 2 pt granola bar vs say a salad. So they aren’t learning anything. At least that was my experience and I got sick of being hungry. If you can eat healthy within the points it’s probably worth a try if you want that sort of diet plan.


I’m on WW - smart points (what they use now) is very focused on making healthy choices. WW used to allow a lot of treats, but now to stay within points you have to choose healthy foods. So if you really want to make it a lifestyle change, WW is for you… if you want a diet where you can still have treats, I’m not sure you will be successful.

That being said, it’s worked for me and I’m down 20lbs this year!


Monicap Congratulations on your weight loss. That’s a wonderful accomplishment.


Jan - your point about how people eat their points is well taken.

I am an all things in moderation eater. Overall our diet is healthy but that doesn’t mean lite. The boys snack on nuts and cheese and have me make them smoothies (fruit and whole milk yogurt). I think I’ve just gotten in a bad habit of nibbling with them and when I make lunches in the morning and as I clean up the kitchen in the evenings.

Guess I’ll change up my workouts a bit and chew gum while I’m in the kitchen !


Oops. I thought the last post was 16th of May (not 2016) :expressionless: :no_mouth:

SmartPoints is Now Freestyle, I use the WW phone app. Key points are to be aware of what you eat (healthy choices), how much you eat (portion control), and increasing your activity level.

Tracking food is my Sysiphus task. The app helps by saving your recipes for you to reuse or later customize (like removing or substituting ingredients). You can also scan the bar code of ingredients or products too get WW or member entered nutrition label info and Freestyle SmartPoints. Save your favourite meals, foods, or ingredients. Search for recipe ideas. Search for restaurant menu items before you go to plan your choice and budget your points.

The app has a social side called Connections. Post your successes or your challenges for group affirmation or support.

WW will sync with Fitbit and some other fitness tracker.

You can choose online only or add weekly meetings.

Freestyle has changed the SmartPoints by listing over 200 free food choices. But that did reduce daily point budgets too.


I thought the same thing about the dates when looking through the lounge topics, and you have answered my questions about ww so thank.
I have fifty to 20 pounds to lose depending on how ambitious I am about getting to past weights. Thanks