Weekly Chat?

What would you guys think about meeting up for a weekly chat (or two)? I could create a quick n’ dirty Yahoo! group (it comes with a chat room) so there isn’t any difficult programming required.

If you’re game, re: with a what a good day and time for everyone is to this thread.

We could pick some topics to loosley chat about…or not, if yall don’t want to.

Let me know!


sounds fun. i’d try it. you all pick a night though…

I post all the time anyway, so I’m up for it. Yahoo works great for me too as it’s the only IM that I use. Later in the evening works for me. If it’s during the day, it just depends. Weekends are a whole different matter.

As for topics, I could make it

hehe, beld! bad girl!

Yay! I’m up for it…

I’ve had trouble before with Yahoo but I’ll try it again! … If we all have AOL or AOL mesanger we can chat there easy too.

Tuesday are out for me! Gilmore Girls is on. :wink:

I have Yahoo IM and AOL IM. I like Yahoo better though hint hint :wink:

I’ll mark Tuesdays as a no-no for you, Nun.

Just a heads up, we won’t be using Yahoo! IM for the chat. Once I create the group, I’ll send everyone an invite to the group, and once you’ve joined you’ll just go to the groups URL and click on the ‘Chat’ link on the left-hand side.

I should have the group created by today, so anyone and everyone interested in chatting PM me your e-mail address.

Here’s the URL for the group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/khchat/

If you’re too impatient to wait for the invite via e-mail, you can go to the link above, and click the link Join This Group! on the right hand side. It will tell you that your membership has to be approved, and I will approve it.


I just went … :smiley:

Impatient? Who, me?? :lol:

I’m in the chat room right now 2:22 PT/5:22 ET if you guys want to hop in.

ek and Nuno have been approved so far!

Let me in, let me in, let me in!!! :smiley: 8) :wink:

Oooo sounds fun!!! Do we just pop in randomly???

Well I’d be up for it if I didn’t live in such a wacky time zone compared to the rest of you!

Any Europeans wanna chat?!


I generally see you posting in the late mornings. I bet you could chat with us stay-at-home people, if there’s enough of us. That is unless you’re at work right now and posting. Then I guess it wouldn’t work out so well.

I just signed up. It’s not a chat room, right? It’s just a list-serve like this. Or will we pick a time and use some IM to have a knitalong or SnB party 8) ?


I did all the signing up, etc. It tells me my membership is “awaiting approval.” :smiley:

Me too, Yvonne. :smiley:

I’m in, but nobody there. Maybe later… :lol:

I’ve just approved everyone I have received notices for.

The group is “all-inclusive”. There IS a live chat room, a message board, a place to post pictures (Photos), files, a database, etc. The main use will most likely be for chat, but everyone is welcome to use everything else as you wish.

There is a test run going at 6pm Pacific time tonight (Tuesday). That’s 7 Mountain, 8 Central, and 9 Eastern. We’ll be there until the last man (and woman) is standing (typing).

Yes, you can drop in any ole time you wish…but I hope to figure out a time for a weekly chat if everyone will tell me what time zone you are in and what a good time for all of you is.

See ya in chat!

Bring your knitting, knitting questions and ideas…favorite patterns, and of course something to b*tch about.

Forgot one thing…I’ll be on all of these IM ID’s throughout the evening if you have any questions about getting into the chat or need to be approved to get in.

MSN: denisehunley@msn.com AND denisespeckman@hotmail.com
AOL: beadedbrat
YAHOO: babied0ll@yahoo.com (that’s a zero) AND neiceyyy@yahoo.com

I’ll also be checking my e-mail regurlarly for those of you without an IM program.