Wee bit rusty

Hello folks,
It has been quite a while since I have been able to knit so I’m a wee bit rusty. The pattern I’m working says the following:

Row 1 (RS): Continuing with CC1, sl 1 st
pwise wyif, k to end of row.

Here is what I think it says:

Row 1 (right side): Continuing with contrast colour one, slip one stitch purlwise with yarn in front, then knit to end of row.

My first question is this. Is slipping the first stitch the right thing to do? I thought you should always knit the first stitch. Second question, you move the wool to the front then slip the stitch, then move the wool back to finish knitting the row?

Thanks to all that try to help!

Hi! Welcome back to knitting and welcome to KH.

I think you’ve got your reading of the pattern right. What I’ve learned here is that to slip or not to slip the first stitch is a matter of personal preference. The only exception I can think of is slipping it because it makes the edge needed or wanted.

:woohoo: I can still read a pattern! Thanks for the confidence boost. But, I’m pretty sure I will be back for something else. Nice to find this nice bunch of people. Thank you!

I’m newish still so if I tell you something wrong, someone will correct me. Otherwise I would have stopped at hi! You’ll find any help you need here I’m sure. Some of the knitters here are pros! If I hadn’t stumbled across this forum, I wouldn’t be knitting at all.

Well thank you for stopping and saying hi! I hope we talk again.

You don’t have to slip the first stitch. Many people do because it’s supposed to make a nice chained edge for scarves or blankets, but when I slip them, they’re looser and messier than just knitting or purling them. So I don’t slip them.

Hi, thanks for your answer! That is what I thought too. Except the part about a “a nice chained edge for scarves and blankets”. It now makes sense to me. This project is a shawl, and the pattern is quite lacy. Thanks for clearing it up!

Oh, don’t slip it for a shawl. You usually need to stretch them a little in blocking and since the slip st spans 2 rows, that can prevent it from stretching too much. Though this doesn’t sound like a lacy one, I don’t think you’d need to.

Okay, fair enough, that does makes sense. Thanks!