Wedding Gifts

I need some ideas (and maybe some patterns) for a wedding gift. It’s a young couple, first marriage, need everything.

My first idea was an afghan, but I only have about a month and I don’t know how long it would take for me to do something that big (I haven’t done anything that big, yet).

Any ideas out there, you creative people?

You could use fair isle to “write” names,dates or “his”&“hers” on lots of things… scarves, slippers (might be cute), hats… what about something incorporating wherever they are going on their honeymoon? Maybe a “do not disturb” door hanger? :thinking:

A lacey looking tablecloth would be nice. Here’s a good site with lots of ideas. ~Brooke

Dishcloths, kitchen towels, potholders

brookenic - Great pattern site! Wow…how did I never find that before??

Hildegard_von_Knittin - I love the idea of ‘his and hers’ stuff! Maybe a towel, washcloth set…I can see lots of ways to do this one!

My sister is getting married in June 2006, and for Christmas I made her a dishcloth set: 2 cloths plus a dish scrubbie. She loved it and put it in her hope chest. She says she wants a few more sets, so that’ll be a nice shower gift. I might make some knitted placemats as well.

Hope this helps.


I dont know if it’s too late, but I just saw this picture from The Knitters Bible & Thought it was cute, different and would make a pretty wedding gift in a set of 4 or so…

Oh, hey…that’s pretty. And I just happen to HAVE the Knitter’s Bible!


I love the garter (though for a shower gift, not a wedding one) but hey, you have a month… go for the wedding dress :rofling:

I’m making the pillowcase inserts from the Weekend Knitting book for a wedding next month. It does involve handstitching the inserts onto a pillowcase but the knitting itself would only take a few days.