Wedding gift ideas? (not 1st marriage)

A relative is getting married soon. The couple is older with established homes, both have been married at least once before. We’re close, happy for them and agreed to be involved. But we’re spending so much more than expected on a formal wedding, it will be difficult to give them a decent $ gift. What else would be appropriate?

you’re giving them a gift AND cash?

This is a toughie, but I found this web page that might help a little bit, although some of the gifts on it are a little on the expensive side, it may inspire a few ideas.

I was also thinking of something for the house, maybe personalized, because I’m sure most, if not everything, they have was something they brought from their previous marriages and to have something that belongs to just the both of them would be nice. Maybe a personalized wall hanging, or front door mat, or maybe even a Christmas ornament to celebrate their first Christmas together as husband and wife, that is if that’s their holiday of choice!

No. We were going to give them cash as the gift since they don’t really need anything. But we’re already way over budget paying to be in the wedding so I need a better idea. Something nice but inexpensive.

Finding something WAY on sale is one way to go - you get something nicer for your money. You could also go to a place like TJ Maxx and get two place settings of some nice dishes, maybe with matching napkins or something. Dinner for two things, kwim?

But if they’re older, and combining households, you could also consider making a donation to a charity of their choice for them.

My brother is getting married soon. I got them a wedding time capsule I found at It is nice sized cylinder shaped embossed tin to put wedding day photos etc in and has scrapbook stickers and the like to personalize it.

I also was going to suggest a donation to a charity in their name.

That is a nice idea…I gave my dad a flock of chicks for xmas…

He has gotten to the point where he doesn’t really want more “stuff”

Since they have all their household stuff, how about something I once received and thought was the most elegant, celebratory gift ever:

Two beautiful cut-crystal champagne glasses from Tiffany. And they come in that gorgeous blue Tiffany box with gift wrap. I just looked them up online: $35 each. Not bargain-basement, but not bad for a wedding gift. I feel like a princess every time I use them.

If you know the couple well, you could start a scrapbook: pictures of each or both from the previous months (years) they have been going together, then a nice engagement shot of them (you could have them pose for one and print it off on your printer at home). My sister got a picture of each of us when we were around two or three and put it in the second and third pages of the scrapbook, then followed with an engagement shot. They could complete the scrapbook with wedding pictures and perhaps first anniversary pictures. My sister gave that to DH and I as a wedding gift a year and a half ago (we had both been married before and both had plenty of household items) and we are using it as our wedding album!

I am sure they will know that whatever comes from you, comes with love. Good luck!

Not sure if you have enough time, but what about a nice knit afghan? My mother always gives people crocheted afghans as wedding gifts and it’s amazing how years later we run into couples and they say how they love the afghan b/c nobody else the know has one.
Personally, I do not knit that fast so I do cross stitch items. I am working on one now for my brother. I’ve done personallized pillows, wall hangings with a short poem names and wedding date - I always put a little wish and copy of their wedding invite inside the back of the frame should they ever open it up.
A friend of mine bought a really nice sheet set on sale and then had them embroidered with the couples initials and gave them as a gift. You could also have a set of towels embroidered. I already owned my house when I got married and I was exstatic to receive great new towel and sheet sets as they are not something I really think to go buy as the old ones fade.