Have y’all gotten the new catalog or the e-mail reminder or both? OOOOOooooooOOOOooooOOOOOoo my goddess I WANT EVERYTHING!!! Theres some good stuff in the garage sale too. OH I wish I could’ve financial aid this summer (due to budget cuts I got zip). :crying: I guess it’s good thing though cuz no matter how much I wanna I just can’t eat yarn.

The only thing I bought from them is the Supreme Grab Bag. It’s full of crap; waste of my $130 bucks plus shipping.

Bummer! Can you return the grab bag?


I never thought of returning it, because the idea of “grab bag” is that you would not know what you are getting; so it’s fair that they sent me junk.

But did you really think you would get crap for $130? I’d be mad and send it right back.


I agree, $130 is too much to spend for junk. Try contacting them about sending it back.