Webs online store

Has anyone shopped from Webs online store? It is good service? :rollseyes:

Yes and yes. Many times. Usually get the package within a week.

I shopped with them internationally and got really good service - emails about shipping and everything. And i got the packages safe and sound. They also followed my request on split shipping.

Great place!:thumbsup:

I’ve ordered from them 3 times. I’ve only had one good experience (I don’t want to get into it). I wont be ordering from them again.

I placed an order with them a couple of years ago during one of their sales. It was a month before they shipped the package (and yes, I do live in the US). Even more disappointingly, the package only included half the things I ordered. They informed me that the other yarns were sold out and would not be restocked.

One thing you should know is that one of the owners admitted that they let internet orders pile up for a day or two before they fill them. So you might order something and according to the inventory information they have it in stock but by the time they get around to retrieving the items for your order someone may have come in and bought the yarn in the store so you are out of luck. This is especially likely to happen during sales apparently.

I haven’t ordered from them since. I understand they have an amazing store and it’s great for people who can shop in person but I feel that there are plenty of places online to order yarn that give customer service a higher priority.

i’ve only ordered from them once and i felt that it took a little too long for shipping. i received an email when my order was received but i never received an email confirming that my order had shipped and my credit card did not show any payment pending for a few days. i was worried that my order was lost about a week and half into it and my yarn magically appeared on my door step and my credit card was finally charged. i’ll probably order from them again…but like other members have posted, i’ve had better experience with other online retailers.

I have ordered from them several times and each time I got an email saying one or two of the item(s) I ordered were no longer available…The yarn selection appears to be good when looking on their website but I don’t think the inventory numbers are very accurate. They wouldn’t be my first choice to order from.

That is just my humble opinion :neutral:


I have ordered from them many times and never had a problem.

:heart: them. I will be visiting MA in August but I’ll be about 3 hours away. I gotta find a way to get there, train, bus, Llama…

I’ve ordered lots, had great customer service the few times I’ve needed it. Shipping can sometimes take a while, especially if you’re ordering during a big sale, but they are one of my favorite online sources.

I ordered from them on Monday, this week, and I got my package today (Friday)! So, yeah, very good service. I would definitely order from them again.

I’ve ordered once - it took a little while to get to me, but I survived! :teehee: