WEBS Bamboo Interchangeable Set

Have they stopped making the WEBS/Valley Yarns Bamboo Interchangeable set?? I just got done reading the 42 pages of interchangeable goodness above, and finally decided on the WEBS set (with Denise’s at a close second)…but when I went to search for them, it seems that NOBODY SELLS THEM ANYMORE!! :wall:

Does anyone know why? If I can’t get them, I’m going to buy the Denise’s. I have an allergy to nickle, so can’t use Options, and I make a lot of wool soakers, so I really needed the smaller diameter that only WEBS or Denise’s provide…or else I’d just look for a used Plymouth Sisters Bamboo set. Grrrr! I wanted bamboo! :grrr:

Anyway, now that I’m done with my mini-rant, I guess I’ll end up buying the Denise’s. I don’t mind that they’re resin…I just don’t really like the case they come in (Me? Spoiled? :teehee: ). I wonder if I can find a pattern for the case that the WEBS bamboo set came in, and just sew one myself? :??