Weaving intarsia ends - tips?

I’m about done with this two color intarsa thing I’ve been working on and would like a heads up on any tips you guys may have? Last time I wove something of intarsia in, it looked kinda crappy. But back thenI didnt really know how to do intarsia anyway :blush:

If you weave up the ‘seam’ where the two colors come together, it makes for a neater look. You avoid colors showing through, too.

Would I weave it in just in the back of the work and not poke through the front at all?

Yes, just weave through the back. Just slip it under a single loop up the back, and maybe around and through to secure it, the way you would weave in any end. Going up the ‘seam’ is just to keep the back looking a little neater.

If you watch the video on Duplicate st join and ignore the “joining” part, Amy shows you how to weave ends in along the path of sts…I like this method.

ooh thanks! I’ll keep these in mind next time :oops: I already wove in the ends, I was super scares the yarn would slip out, so I wove on yarn about 4-7 times in the back of the work. :blush: But now it wont fall out! I can’t wait to post this when I’m done! (It’s for a swap, so I can’t post until my partner gets it)