Weaving in yarn ends

Hi somehow even though I have knit many scarves successfully and woven in the ends this is the first one I have done that a/ has stripes and three colors and b/ is not felted. So I actually have to figure something to do with all those yarn ends. I am already done with the scarf so anything that involves knitting stuff together or other intelligent in the moment types of maneuvers is not going to help. it is a bulky alpaca and keeps looking fuzzy and uneven no matter how many times I weave and tuck it into the rows. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

:thinking: Maybe you can cut the yarn kind of short then weave in the peices so the damige is minimal. That’s the best I can give you :doh: sorry. I’m sure someone much smarter then me can tell you a much better answer

seriously that’s what I plan on doing, so our intelligence levels must be well matched in knitting. I was thinking though that there must be something I am missing…
thanks though!

Is it the type of yarn you can split? If so, try slpitting it and threading one half on your yarn needle and weave that into the stitches, then do the other half. This might be the time to use a sharp yarn needle. Although we most often use a blunt end one, when you are really trying to hide those ends, you can use a sharp needle and carry the yarn into the stitch rather than weaving just behind it. Did any of that make sense? It did in my head, but reads funny.

ok i am going to try that, it does make sense to me right now, but when I am actually working it we will see. I will have to get some new needles today thats for certain. -jessica