Weaving in weirdness


I’m knitting my first afghan (ahhhhh!), and so I’m doing a lot more joining of new balls than I’m used to. Here’s my question:

When I got to the end of my first ball, I knit in a couple of stitches (garter stitch pattern area), dropped the first ball, then just started knitting with the next ball. Now normally I would assume this is fine (although I understand there is some debate regarding whether it’s best to join the new ball at the beginning of the row or in the middle, but let’s ignore that for now…), BUUUUUUT I ended up with a weird little area where my garter stitch pattern is broken because both tails are hanging down and not connecting. Does that make any sense? If so, am I correct to assume I should weave in my ends in a way that “reconnects” the garter stitch pattern, i.e. weaving in each of the two strands in opposite directions)?
Will this be okay? Am I doomed? I would cry if this thing came unraveled at this point!!!

Any advice or insight is GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!!!

Are you saying it looks like the stitch is “broken” and has tails? That would be normal. I’d just loop them through each other once then weave them in on opposite sides of the join.

Yes, that will help cover the join and end any weirdness. You can also knit one or two stitches with the end of the old yarn and the beginning of the new. The stitches will be doubled here but the overlap won’t show.

You didn’t mention the fiber content of your yarn…but if it’s wool, you should do felted joins. But I’m sure you know that.

Another join that I prefer sometimes is called the ‘Russian Join’ when felted joins won’t work. The Russian Join is so easy, and can be invisible! No ends to weave at all!

Amy shows both in our bank of videos! You can also YouTube the techniques. Tons of videos pop up.


Thank you SO much to everyone who replied. Your help is very much appreciated! :slight_smile: