Weaving in the ends?!?!?!

Hey guys! I’m a self-taught knitter. I’m still in the beginning stages. I’ve made a ton of scarves, dishcloths, and have graduated to purses.

This may seem like a silly question but…

Is there a trick to weaving ends in? :??

Not really. I just use a tapestry needle and weave them into several threads. I go back and forth a bit so as to make sure they stay. A few in one direction, and then a few more back the opposite way.

When you say a few do you just mean a couple…I get so paranoid that I do about 5 or more each way…and I always feel like it looks sloppy. Does the yarn really stay?

This is the method I use and it’s nearly foolproof.


I try to weave my ends in as much as possible while I’m knitting. One way is to just knit them in along with the new working yarn… similar to this video. It’s hardly noticable. Or, I do a Russian Join or Felted Join so there are no ends left to weave in.

I also recently learned a new way to weave in ends while knitting that’s completely awesome… and really easy once you get the hang of it. Here’s the link to the tutorial for English style knitting. Here’s the link if you knit Continental style. It only LOOKS complicated… it’s honestly really easy and you totally can’t tell from the right side. Actually, it’s even hard to tell from the wrong side! Since I’ve learned these techniques, I usually only have to weave in the bind-off end when I’m done.

Now, sewing seams… that’s a different story… UGH!!

I love the felted join and use it whenever possible. For yarnh that doesn’t felt I use the join in Amy’s video. I tend to knit 6 or more stitches with both yarns just because I’m paranoid.

I hate the short ends hanging out on the wrong side but I guess thre isn’t anything you can do about that!!