Weaving in the Ends

I am done making a lapghan for my Grandma for Christmas, but I’m having trouble weaving in the loose ends. The holes in the lapghan are a little large because it was done on size 19 needles. I’m afraid if I just weave in the ends as usual, they will just slip right out. Any suggestions?

I would just do an extra long weave in if you’re really worried…maybe a foot? If you used wool yarn you might be able to felt the end to the lapghan to make it more secure.

It might help to weave the ends in as close as possible to the edges. That might hide them and make it look like just part of the edge. I too struggle with various ways of weaving in and feeling secure about it.

Thanks for the advice. I used an extra long piece of yarn and weaved it in along the side and, unless you’re really looking for it, I don’t think it’s noticeable. Thanks for the help!!