Weaving in Ends on Stranded Colorwork

Hi there! So I’m fairly new to knitting, just started last August, though because of school I didn’t do anything other than work on one (very large) scarf until around Christmas time.
Anywho, so I’ve tackled colorwork recently, which is a lot of fun! But what I’m confused about is how you go about weaving in ends for stranded colorwork. I’ve looked all over and I can’t find anything about how to do it, so I think maybe I’m just missing something? I found one tutorial about how to do it as you go along, but as I didn’t already do that, I still have a lot of ends to weave in.
If it helps, this is the project I’m finishing up. It’s actually the second one I’ve done, and I figured something out when I finished the first one, but I remember being really confused about it.
Anyone have an explanation for me?

When I do colorwork I try to weave in the ends in the same color if possible so it won’t show through the front. This can make weaving in a challenge, but I’m not sure how else to do it. I kind of weave in through the purl bumps (on the back of course) and then turn and go back the way I started splitting the yarn a bit so it’s less likely to pull out.