Weaving in ends / changing ball of yarn for cotton yarn

What is the best way to weave in ends for cotton yarn? Also, how do you change balls of yarn for the same or different colour of worsted weight cotton?

This is pretty much the technique I use with cotton. Weave in, split the plies in half, weave each in one direction, weave back in the opposite direction. I don’t knot the plies and I don’t split a second time. It seems to work and stay put. I leave maybe a cm end on the inside (usually it’s a sweater with only one public side). Not a county fair winning technique but my ends tend not to poke out on the RS.

I change cotton yarns the same was as for wool. Overlap the two same color yarns for a stitch or two and later weave in the ends. For a color change, I cross the two yarns and start knitting with the second color. Before I weave in the ends, I make sure the yarns are twisted and that there’s no hole on the RS of the work.

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Thanks so much for the advice! If you were knitting a cotton dishcloth, would you weave in the ends the same way also (as there isn’t a wrong side or hidden side)?

I would do the same but probably cut the ends a bit shorter. I’ve seen recommendations of dabbing the ends with Fray-check but I’ve never tried it.

Thanks :slight_smile: